Pictures of People and Items related to Canadian Orangeism

Orangemenís Address to the Prince of Wales - 1860
Noble 13 Medallion
Sir John A. Macdonaldís Orange Certificate
Orange Certificate Presented to Sir Mackenzie Bowell
The Enniskillen Arms Tavern
Toronto Orange Arch - 1860
L.T.B. and Orange Home Tag Day Flyer - 1926
R.B.P. Parade Flyer - 1939
Calgary, Alberta Orange Arch
Canadian Grand Masters
Sentinel Buildings
Mizpah Orange Young Britons Band Tender
19th Century Canadian Orangewomen
Monthly Notice of R.B.P. 292 - 1940
Toronto County L.O.L. Notice - 1954
Imperial Orange Council Members - 1870
First GOL of Canada Officers
Riverdale L.O.L. Monthly Notice
Cartoon on Orange Incorporation Bill
Mohawk Orange Headdress
Band Contest Flyer
Band Tender
Membership Application Form
Postponement of Grand Black Chapter of Canada Meeting - 1941
Golden Jubilee Band, Toronto - Tender
Little Beaver
Orange Membership Certificate - 1838
Band Contest Flyer - 1940
Dian L.O.L. Toronto - Notice of Sod Turning for New Hall
Eatonís Regalia Catalogue
Orange Notes
R. B. Hanson Letter
Orange Band Contest
Letter From Mayor Of Orangeville, Ontario
W. D. MacPherson Letter
Royal Black Knights Appeal - 1940
Irish Protestant Benevolent Society
Orange Employment Bureau
Poem on the Montreal Riots
Reply to Toronto Preceptory From Dublin R.B.P.
Letter From N. C. Wallace to Governor General - 1901
Letter to Lt. Col T. A. Kidd - 1930
Letter to Lt. Col. T. A. Kidd - 1945
Cache Bay LOL - Building Fund Appeal - 1913
R.B.K. Parade Announcement - 1914
Toronto County LOL Legal Case - 1926
Toronto Eastern District War Fund Euchre - 1940
Grand Black Chapter of Canada - 1924
Toronto Eastern District Parade Flyer - 1940
Wallaceburg, Ontario LOL Building Appeal - 1913
Fenelon Falls, Ontario - Parade Flyer - 1911
Whitby, Ontario - Parade Flyer - 1912
Uxbridge, Ontario - Parade Flyer - 1921
Port Hope, Ontario - Parade Flyer - 1917
Letter to Sir A. E. Kemp
Ensign Mackenzie Bowell
Proclamations of Orange Meetings - 1861
Orange Chart - c. 1876
Macauley Township, Ontario Council - 1890
List of Officers for Toronto Royal Scarlet Chapter - 1913
Orange Literary and Athletic Club - Toronto, 1925
Transfer Reguest from Detroit R.B.P. - 1922
Officers and Members of Norwood, Manitoba L.O.L. 1844 - 1918
Tyrone, Ontario Flute Band - c. 1950
Monthly Notice of R.B.P. 292, Toronto, Ontario - 1940 - part 1
Monthly Notice of R.B.P. 292, Toronto, Ontario - 1940 - Part 2
Veteran Toronto members - 1921
Wallace R.B.P. 679 - Toronto - Lodge circular - 1938
Joseph Smart - Turbine, Ontario - 1959
Alberta Orangemen
Toronto County Orange Lodge Officers - 1934
Toronto County Orange Lodge Officers cont...
Port Perry L.O.L. Parade Flyer - 1909
Port Hope, Ont. funeral service announcements - c. 1860 and 1895
The Winters Family
Hamilton, Ontario Annual Church Service Programme - 1904
Hackett Band L.O.L. 805
Prentice Boy, George William Adams
Premier of Newfoundland, Joseph Smallwood and Thomas Ashmore Kidd, Imperial Grand Master
Early lodge banners of L.O.L. 48, Carleton Place, Ontario
The Orange Family in Borden Saskatchewan
Toronto County Orange Hall - 1898
Float in early Toronto Orange Parade
Pictures of Canadian Orangemen
Loyal True Blue Orphanage
Canadian Orange Pictures
Scott Memorial Orange Hall - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Sir A. E. Kemp election poster
Orange Arch - Uxbridge, Ontario - 1902
Orange Arch - Portage la Prairie, Manitoba - 1908
Admission ticket for Orange dinner - November 5, 1885
Thomas Ashmore Kidd and Sir George A. Clark - Past Imperial Grand Masters
Derry Day Celebration - Oshawa - 1925
Early Toronto County Masters
Grand Orange Lodge of Canada Officers for 1874
Testimonial Dinner for William Johnston, M.P.
The 12th of July at Hamilton, Ontario - 1876
The 12th of July at Montreal, Quebec - 1878
Smiths Falls L.O.L.
Vancouver Orangemen - 1900
Loyal True Blue and Orange Home
James Erskine, County Master
Orangemen Kemp and Hogarth - 1927
Laying of wreaths at the Toronto Cenotaph - July 12, 1931.
Toronto County Orange Hall - 1905
Float in Toronto Orange Parade - 1917
Advertisement for Orange Parade at Victoria, B.C. - 1863
Crowd scenes of the Toronto Orange Parade of 1920
Toronto mayor and board of control members for 1920
L.O.B.A. Officers - 1934
Loyal Orange County Lodge of Toronto - Officers for 1931
Frank Collins and his wife ready for the Toronto Orange Parade of 1937
Toronto members of the L.O.B.A. in the 1930's
Speakers following the July12, 1913 Toronto Orange Parade
Officers of Lady North York L.O.B.A. 580
Canadian Winners of the Victoria Cross - 1920
Lodge Masters in Toronto Parades of the 1930's
Toronto District Officers - 1931
Canadian Orangemen who were awarded the V.C in World War 1
Civic Leaders of Toronto Orangeism in 1930
The Harbor Grace Affair
Delegates to the 1909 session of the GOL of Saskatchewan
Toronto County Hall Mortgage Burning Ceremony
Alderman Don McGregor with Rev. S. E. Lambert - c.1916
Reg Geary with Princess Patricia of Connaught - 1912
Mural painted on the walls of the old Toronto County Hall
Toronto County Officers - 1956
Past Grand Masters of Ontario West
19th Century Vancouver Orange Parades
Toronto County orange Lodge Officers - July 12 - 1916 and 1919
The Addy Family
Toronto County Officers - 1918
Veteran Toronto members in 1927 Orange Parade
Early Canadian Orange Lodge Banner
Grand Orange Lodge of Nova Scotia officers - 1930
Lieutenant Governor J.K. Mackay and Queen Elizabeth
Newfoundland Orangemen welcome the Grand Master of Canada to Bonavista in 1931
Detroitand London Orange Lodges - January 2003
Geary vs. Hocken
Toronto Parade Flyer 1934
Queen Victoria
Letter from the Toronto Star to the Toronto County Lodge - 1935
Newfoundland House of Assembly - 1933
Prominent Ontario Orangemen
Orange Festival
True Blue Home in New Westminster, B.C. - 1921
Attendees at 1906 Imperial Session
Toronto Irish Boys
Lodge notices
Thomas Langton Church
The Ivany Family