Military Historical Sketches of Canadian Orangeism

Canadian Orange Lodge meeting in Monastery
Letter From the Front W.W. 1
Canadian Orange Battalion C.O.ís - W.W. 1
Letter from T. A. Kidd to R. B. Hanson
Letter re: Conscription to H. C. Hocken
Gordon Graydon Letter during W.W. 2
Canadian Orangeism and the Military - short article
Welcome back to Dr. T.A. Carson - 1918
Funeral for RAF Orange Cadet
L.O.L. No. 84 honours returning soldiers
L.O.L. No. 805 and the military
Manitoba Orangemen K.I.A. during World War One
Tribute to a Fallen Hero
Wally Floody and "The Great Escape"
World War 1 Battalion Commanders"