Winthrop Loyal Orange Lodge No. 813

This lodge was instituted on February 11, 1857 with Joseph Watson as the first master and James Pryce as the first recording secretary. Meetings were held until 1860 at Thompson Morrison’s farm and for the next two years at the home of Sam McSpadden. In December, 1862 the first Orange Hall was built on the corner of Samuel Scarlett’s farm and was used for the next forty-one years. In 1903 the lodge purchased the Smith Baptist Church and moved it to a site on James Campbelll’s farm and this was the lodge meeting place until July, 1926.

That year the former Calder Cheese factory was bought and converted into an Orange Hall. In 1956 Winthrop was the host lodge for the Twelfth celebrations. In 1957 the lodge celebrated its centennial with a banquet and David Boyd was the oldest member attending having joined the lodge on May 12, 1887. Laverne Godkin, the lodge master was the chairman for the 100th anniversary celebrations and guests attended from Seaforth, Hensall, Wingham and Grand Bend.

West Huntingdon Loyal Orange Lodge No. 300

This lodge was organized on May 10, 1852. In 1878 it was moved by John Ashley and seconded by Sam Rawson that the lodge meet on the last Monday of January for the purpose of making a decision to build a new Orange Hall and a building committee was formed; John Ashley, James Haggerty, Samuel Rawson, Robert Gay, William J. Kingston, H. Reed and Nelson Sarles. In 1884 the officers of the lodge were; Master – John Adams, Deputy Master – Richard Haggerty, Chaplain – Thomas Duncan, Recording Secretary – David Jeffrey, Financial Secretary – James Haggerty, Treasurer – Nelson Sarles, Director of Ceremonies – James Montgomery. In 1886 the lodge had a membership of fifty-one with the officers being Thomas McCoy, Nesbitt Reid, Adam Haggerty, John McConnell, Stan Downey, Henry Lees, Thomas Brown, Samuel Burnett, James Archibald Adams, and Robert Gay. The lodge meets regularly and the present officers are; Colin Donald, John Wallace, Lindsay Sills, Alex McCurdy, Arthur Hassall, Murray Morgan, Russell Sills and Goldie McInroy.

Alex McCurdy, Helen Thompson – 1983