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King Charles III is officially proclaimed the Sovereign at the Accession Council in London.


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10 Nbc Weather - King Charles III declared Sovereign

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  1. British monarchy is nothing but just a nostalgia…Just keeping the idea of monarchy which ruled and exploited many colonies. It is just British interest to keep it alive..There is not a single incident or person which probably can be a role model for a family, able ruler or inspiration to youth, family, citizen , children to look upto.. in fact none and opposite riddled with scandals..It is time British realize their glory and wealth is out of exploitation and plunder of its colonies..especially india. Actually india is not jewel of British crown but was cash cow of British crown ..

  2. What a load of drivel and meaningless words that wouldn’t understand the cost of living or the suffering people have gone through. For starters, he should be seeking our approval to be King, and likewise in every nation in which the former Queen was head of state. We in Scotland should be using the claim of Right which he (King Charles III) must swear an oath to and deny him his English, Welsh and Northern Irish hereditary right of being king in Scotland. I’d like to have a proper debate about the monarchy when the 10 days of indoctrination finishes, I assume the same is true of those of us who have had the good sense to switch off the TV. I think the question is, are the Royals fit to be part of our Scottish society? Remember his links with the Saudi royal family, who murdered a man in cold blood, him being given plastic carriers full of money, this isn’t the usually way to transfer money, wire transfers, mobile apps, email money transfers is, or the BASIC write a cheque, but he has never had to answer questions about it why the money had to be untraceable!

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