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Oregon dropped their season opener to the defending National Champion Georgia Bulldogs 49-3 and despite the score, there were some good points to take away from the game. 

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  1. Y’all are gonna be fine…trust me. Give Dan his due time and y’all are gonna be just fine. A lot of players on that UGA team are Dan’s recruit. Hold your head up, let the boys get back to work, and have a little patience..

  2. Lanning knew UGA's weakness which is up tempo, look at Tennessee last year, why they got away from it I don't know, uga looked possessed. I thought a 2 touchdown win, this was them showing college football that last year wasn't a one off and Oregon was the unlucky team who played us first

  3. Very realistic reaction. Lanning will get the team where they want to be. But yes, they faced a better team today that had years of better recruiting as a foundation. As a dawg fan, we’ve definitely been there and know the feeling. Kirby took several years to get us where we are now. Plus at least it’s the first game. The way rankings work, this will be a blip on the radar by season end if Oregon can gel and find ways to win.

  4. It's always better to lose early rather than late, and early losses usually bring a team down to earth and make them focus harder. The defense Georgia fielded last year was one of the best ever in NCAA football and it was Dan Lanning's. You guys are going to be fine but it takes time. Support your team, even through the tough stretches, and try to remain patient, you'll see.

    I've always been a fan of the Ducks and I'll be pulling with you guys.

  5. Definitely some missed tackles but our backs, tight ends and receivers are also good in space at making good defensive players miss tackles more than usual too. Stay positive you have a lot of good football ahead this season. Much respect to you all as fans, team and program.

  6. First and foremost I want to give praise to the Oregon fans who have been respectful all the way leading up to this game and even at the game they were very respectful some SEC fans could actually take notes on how to be classy, my best wishes to the Oregon football team and their fan base moving forward I do think Dan Lanning was in a lose-lose situation for his first game ever but I do think and no personally that Dan Lanning is a great coach and he will bring a lot of talent to Oregon

  7. You people in the comment section are silly. This Oregon is actually a very good football team. You just haven't realized how good this GA team is yet. Their defensive front might have taken a small step back…but their offense and DBs have improved exponentially. You all will see as the season progresses. This very same Oregon team would have beaten Ohio State last night.

  8. Coming from the head coach being a Defensive mind set. They need to go back to basics of tackling, they got faked out and ran over. This was especially due to the arm tackles . Georgia did to much damage after the catch . The Ga secondary played an outstanding game with tackles and int's.

  9. Shoulda NEVER let Bo play. You Oregon fans will learn very soon that Bo is egotistical, and that nothing is ever Bo’s fault.
    I watched it the last 3 years in SEC play. He’s only still playing bc his dad was a well known sec qb. Dan Lanning needs to play the qb who loves Oregon, not the qb who ended up at Oregon bc he was running from his mistakes in the sec.

  10. Guys, Oregon is a good team and will bounce back. You just ran into a buzz saw and we are the reigning National Champions. Dan Lanning is a great coach for you guys and will win many games for you this season. Watch. That was SEC talent you played against yesterday. It "IS" what it is. Go Dawgs! (and Ducks!)

  11. Im a die hard dawg fan brother. Its been a long road over my 41 years as a bulldawg. Dont u worry. u have a amazing coach. Dan will start the foundation yall need. Time is all he needs.
    Ps southern boys are just built for football its a different breed of animal. Like the cheetah but also have the Roar of a loin.

  12. Oregon just needs to stick to playing the rest of the high school teams in the PAC12, at least they can still maintain the false narrative that they are a good football team that way. But us Georgia fans do appreciate the highlight reel Oregon came out to help us make. If ya'll wanted it to be a close game against a SEC team, they should have chosen one of the lower teams like Vanderbilt, Tennessee, or Kentucky. Oregon would still lose but not as bad.

  13. Took Kirby a while to get the guys out that needed to be out – hell we lost to Vanderbilt the first year – stay patient ducks – and remember you don’t live in a football state – love uga fan – ps your politics don’t help

  14. People always said we wouldn't be able to compete when we tried to scheme around their size with speed when Chip was around. We'd come up short every time due to depth. Now we are trying to beat SEC Brutes at their own game and can't even win our own conference, and the fact we didn't get shut out is a huge win.

    Utah State forced field goals from Alabama several times in the 1st half. We didn't force a field goal or punt until their 2nd string offense was playing against our starters with 9 minutes left in the entire game. That is bad.

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