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5 Star Massage – 5-STAR HOTEL TOUR in Korea ⭐ 90th Floor Room! 😱

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Introduce about 5-STAR HOTEL TOUR in Korea ⭐ 90th Floor Room! 😱

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Tonight we’re sleeping inside Korea’s tallest building: Lotte World Tower. Spanning 123 floors, it houses Signiel Seoul (the 5-star hotel), residential units ranging from 4 to 35 million dollars, a Michelin-starred French restaurant, 10 floors of shopping & cinema, concert hall and more! Watch the full video for the tour 🙂

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Note: This video was filmed in July 2018. Official hotel photos are provided by Lotte Hotels & Resorts.

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5 Star Massage - 5-STAR HOTEL TOUR in Korea ⭐ 90th Floor Room! 😱

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