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770 Wabc Radio – AM Broadcast station IDs ca. 1981-1982

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Recorded in Green Township, Summit County, Ohio, USA.

Radio: Zenith Trans-Oceanic R600

Tape deck: Sony TC-630 at 7 1/2 inches per second. #111 Scotch Tape.

WGN 720 Chicago, IL

WCFL 1000 Chicago, IL

WTIG 990 Massillon, OH

WCBS 880 New York, NY

WBZ 1030 Boston, MA with the immortal Larry Glick doing the ID.

WABC 770 New York, NY

WJR 760 Detroit, MI

WGAR 1220 Cleveland, OH

WJW 850 Cleveland, OH

WSUM 1000 Parma, OH

KMOX 1120 St. Louis, MO with John McCormick at the mike.

WPIT 730 Pittsburgh, PA

WMAQ 670 Chicago, IL (Country!)

WHLO 640 Akron, OH

WAKR 1590 Akron, OH

WHK 1420 Cleveland, OH

WNYN 900 Canton, OH (now silent)

KDKA 1020 Pittsburgh, PA

WRVA 1160 Richmond, VA

WSLR 1350 Akron, OH (Home of “Jay Bird” Drennan)

WWL 870 New Orleans, LA

WNIC 1310 Dearborn, MI

WJAS 1320 Pittsburgh, PA

WLAC 1510 Nashville, TN

WHBC 1480 Canton, OH

WLS 890 Chicago, IL (imo the GREATEST AM rock station east of the Mississippi and probably the WORLD)

WRFD 880 Columbus, OH

KYW 1060 Philadelphia, PA

WBAP 820 Fort Worth, TX

And a few FM’s tossed in, recorded on a cheap Soundesign stereo system:

WOUC 89.1 FM Cambridge, OH

WCVJ 90.9 FM Jefferson, OH (signoff)

WKST 92.1 FM Ellwood City, PA

My apologies for the echo you hear in a few spots. I was playing around with the built in reverb unit on the Sony reel to reel.

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  1. I was on Bill Mack's all night truckers show one night at WBAP in Ft. Worth in 1978 while I was playing bass for Tony Douglas. The whole band went there one night and hung out with Bill Mack. That was a 50,000 watt clear channel station that could be heard coast to coast. I believe there was only 3 clear channel country stations during WWll and that was WSM in Nashville, WWL in New Orleans and WBAP in Ft. Worth.

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