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Looking for the best loans for vacation rentals? Look no further—Tony and Ashley have both secured low down payment, low interest loans for their own short term rentals! This week’s question comes from Xavier through Ashley’s Instagram direct messages. Xavier is asking: Can I use an FHA loan for a vacation rental? What’s the best way to scale without paying high down payments?

Xavier brings up a great question that many rookies have been asking. We all know we can get a conventional loan with very low down payment requirements for an owner-occupied investment like a house hack, but what about a vacation rental loan? Before you bombard your mortgage lender with questions, listen to what Tony (short-term rental expert) has been using for his vacation rental financing.

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  1. Please i have this question regarding second home loans/vacation home. What if you are currently renting and this is your first home you are buying but intend to use it for Airbnb. Do you still need the vacation home loan or you use a regular first time home owners loan? Thanks

  2. If you don’t have a first home then it will be 3%-3.5%, if it’s 30-50 miles away from you than you can rent it at least 6 months in a year aka short term rental so it’s not mortgage fraud.
    I want my rental to be 15-20 miles away from me for maintenance.

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