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A V A Duvernay - You Know It's Ava DuVernay IF...

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  1. Ms Duvernay I feel as a Black American we need Ur films 2 tell of the length that the opposing factors would go 2 keep Black Americans from rising.

    Everytime U do a film U bring Us with U & we push U. I wish I could b there 2 watch Ur personal process of film making. 2 hear what U have 2 say n stead of someone else's point of view.

    Only 1 person U remind me of n film making. I don't know why I say this nothing 2 measure about U 2 .
    That person is Gordan Parks.

    Ya'll tell different types of stories.
    I don't know why I thought of him other. Than I like both U guys film.

    U seem 2 pull me deeper n 2 ea. character.
    I realize ya'll make different types of films. There're told from a black point view.
    U give a personal n siht n 2 Ur characters. As I'm writing this. This is coming 2 mind. I have it Ur films, r of a political sense.
    Look here I go doing the samething that I only want 2 hear U comment on. Been doing it 4 sometime now.
    Hell I like Ur film making.

  2. Her next project is The New Gods of the DCEU

    That shit is like Star Wars meets meets the Book of Revelations with superheroes….on crack laced Meth and fed a helping of Red Bull laced with LSD and Mountain Dew laced with PCP….shit is fucking crazy complicated.

    man good luck to her and anyone else who wishes to take this on….

    I hate to type cast her, but I'd rather see her doing something a bit more grounded yet slightly fantastic….I'd love to see her do a solo film for Storm in the MCU or Wonder Woman 2 featuring Nubia…or Static (though I'd rather See John Singleton do that Static in the style of an urban Action film like he did with 4 Brothers)

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