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Adams Car Wash – What Are The Most Essential Washing Tools?

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When you’re just getting started with detailing, you’re probably not going to start by polishing and ceramic coating your car right off the bat. The majority of the time you spend detailing your car, particularly at first, will be in the washing process. What are some products, beside the obvious buckets and wash pads, that are extremely helpful for your wash? Let’s talk about pressure washers, foam cannons, drying towels/aides, and forced air dryers.

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0:00 Introduction
0:54 Pressure Washers
3:08 Foam Cannons
4:09 Drying towels and aides
6:04 Air Dryers
7:40 Conclusion

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•••Adam’s Premium Foam Cannon

•••Adam’s Standard Foam Cannon

•••Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo

•••Adam’s Ultra Plush Drying Towel

•••Adam’s Detail Spray

•••Adam’s Air Cannon Dryer

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Adams Car Wash - What Are The Most Essential Washing Tools?

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  1. Great video I use some of your products. I just got a 2015 car with the vinyl shield on the half hood and front bumper. If I wax what is exposed on the car with a one step and buffer. Will I cause a difference in what’s exposed and what’s covered. If that makes sense? I want to protect what’s exposed I’m guessing the wrap went on the car when it was purchased. Thanks Scott

  2. Pressure washer is a terrible thing to wash your car. Use the standard hose and sprayer. Shower sprayer or whatever setting. Wash it by hand. Not some garbage gun that doesnt physically touch and remove the dirt.

  3. Myself living in an apartment I'm a rinseless and sponge guy but I love a good sudsy soap with plenty of lubrication. With soap you need a drying aid and a good towel adams is very good. Pressure washer is a great tool to have, and a leaf blower or dedicated blower helps a great deal for water spots
    Good video

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