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Adopt Bengal Cats – Our BENGAL CAT Cost Us $200 000!!!! WE HAD TO MOVE!!

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We have had so much fun with our bengal cat kona. But we have renters in the basement that I am sure are getting annoyed of our bengal cat kona sprinting all over the house haha so we decided to move to a new place where she has a tonne of room to play, run and climb!!!


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Adopt Bengal Cats - Our BENGAL CAT Cost Us $200 000!!!! WE HAD TO MOVE!!

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  1. Yeah, that's her Asian Leopard cat's side acting up. She has that wild DNA, which makes her cute and gives her that extra hunting energy. I think that's the part of the reason why Bengal cats look so good. Because they're not that heavily bred to look like plush toys. So they look a little wild which makes them look fit and healthy. It's like Huky of the cats.

  2. We got our first bengal cat and we love her so much. She is like a dog, the way she plays and just how she is in general. She loves our older cat – he is not a bengal. I just want to let you know that I really enjoy watching your videos.

  3. I used to move furniture in my misspent youth. I saw many cat owners lamenting the loss of their cats prior to moving day. Cats freak, they know something is amiss and run away. So if you are moving lockup your cats. Never give them an open door to escape.

  4. Awww. Glad to hear things are great for you guys & kona. Don't focus on a week. Day by day. Just think its covid clean with new paint. Lol. Hope thats not as bad as here in USA. Sad today Saratoga jewerly worker 61 got that new variant covid19 and he didnt travel. Great some one spreading it. #smh.
    Well ya all enjoy cant wait to see the final showing and everyone will need a spa day.

  5. Happy New Year! Love your new place! I agree with you – it’s has great spots for Kona! My Geenja would go crazy – and give me almost heart attacks – she loves to go in and out of each spindle … don’t be surprised if Kona tries that too! Geenja has missed once ( when she was about 4 months old) and fell from the second floor down to the first floor – she did hit the dining room chair and an expensive vet visit was required for x-rays – thankfully she was mostly ok. Kona seems much more co-ordinated. Never a dull moment with our kitties- lol

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