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Season 02 : Deep South
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We go to the doctor to be treated for our physical maladies. We have a pain or a lump and the doctor knows how to evaluate our symptoms and ease our suffering . When our doctor recommends a course of treatment for a medical condition, we trust that they have our best interest in mind, wanting nothing more than to make us feel better. Sometimes though, they destroy more of you than they fix.

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Age Consent Mississippi - Mississippi Appendectomy : Montgomery County, MS

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  1. Man, I started crying as soon as you said Eugenics….. I am adopted. My mother was forcibly sterilized when she was 20 in 1958 almost a year after she was married. My dad had epilepsy. They adopted me in 1977. She refuses to talk about it even today. This happened in North Carolina.

  2. Most Don’t Know That We Didn’t Win WW2. We Couldn’t Have, They Had The Jet Engine And Cruise Missiles. So We Took The Nazi’s We Needed, Turned The Other Way As The Others Headed For South America’s, And Sold The “Suicide” Story To The World. I Wish American’s Would Take The Time To Question “Official” Stories. That’s What They Are, Stories. We Wonder How We Got Here Today, Even In Elementary School “History” I Didn’t Buy It. Teach Your Children To Question Things That Don’t Make Sense, Wake Up To What’s Really Going On America. The Last Few Generations Dropped The Ball, Let Us Not So We Make A Better World And Let Freedom Ring, Because Anyone Who Watches COPS Can See Have Lost So Many Freedoms It’s Sickening. It’s Not About Right Or Left, But Right And Wrong, Good And Evil. These Politicians Are All On The Same Side, This Is America, A Republic Of States For We The People, So Let Us Come Together And Take Her Back! Don’t Allow Divide, Color Revolution BS Or Critical Race Theory Indoctrination Of Our Children. I Am From South Florida And What Makes Us Great Is All Different Culture, Languages, Foods, And Coffee’s. I Love All My Neighbors And What They Bring To A Beautiful Communities. We Can And Should Learn From Each Other. Love Each Other, And This Idea Of America. We Must Take Her Back Together!

  3. Thank you for sharing the story of my ancestor Fannie Lou Hamer. Pap was my great grandmother on my maternal grandfather's side, 1st cousin. We are so proudnof her and I'm honored to be a relative to her. But let's keep in mind that my mom was about 5/6 when Fannie was sterilized! She just turned 66 on the 20th. This happened in her lifetime and kept happening in her lifetime until she had graduated college! America's true history needs to be taught. We are so proud of the good, yet act like the bad never happened.

  4. Very very interesting story, I don't know if we're heading that way again or not hope not. Because I have you on automatic play I never noticed the s in Sinister that is cool I love your website been here since the beginning thank you thank you I hate politics but I wish a lot of politicians would watch this
    I am part native American I am so glad that my family member did not have to go through this

  5. This is why when you hear about how America is the greatest or "make America great again'" chants start people will ask great for who? For a large part of America it has never been great it has always been a struggle, and their stories silenced.

  6. It's important to keep in mind that the other leg of eugenics was abortion. Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger worked diligently to increase African American abortion numbers as a means of eugenics. Avoid relying on the media or the state for truth. Do your own research.

  7. This presentation of yet another enormous failing of the U.S. government, medical establishment, legal system, education system, and the citizenry culture as a whole, is so abominable, that it is difficult to absorb. This country, while pointing fingers at other countries about their gaps, failures, and destructive perceptions of race, women in general, human rights, indigenous rights, rights of medical patients, legal rights under a country's founding and operating Constitution or other instrument of operation, and so many other elements of critical analysis, it is easy to forget, or not be aware of, or (even worse) ignore the heinous shortcomings and practices of our own country…many of which continue today. It's appropriate to remember that if we point our fingers at others, there are 4 other fingers on our hand that point back at ourselves, and should serve as a reminder that WE, all of us, are responsible for these egregious failures towards our fellows. It's abhorrent that such practices occur even once; how much worse must it be before we as human beings being a stop to all of these horrors?
    History should not be kind, accepting, or dismissive of wrongdoing to any group, community, state, country, or planet that engages in such means to control its members. In all the eons humans have inhabited this Earth, we have yet to learn the meaning of HUMANITY.

  8. My sister has servre bi polar disorder with full on psychotic episodes she was sectioned by the government,that means she has lost agency and it bound to the whims of the mad psychiatric doctors and bourds of them, she was locked away many years and she was only 20 she had been forced and I mean forced to have over 10 sessions of electric shock therapy, she became a ghost, the treatment was worse than illness. They made her get her tubes tied this was in the 90s and she was raped in a instatution and she finally killed herself on 2003. Now days you can choose if you want to keep the baby if it has genetic abnormality like down syndrome, soon there will be no down syndrome people because they are being killed rather than have the child. In just my lifetime IV seen the population go from when I was a kid in the 80s there were a lot of them and my mum actually worked with disabled and brain dammaged humans but we were neverr afraid of them, but we would see them on buses every day going to a specific schools. I can't remember the last time I saw one. They will be extinct soon. That is eugenics still happening today. Only the finest and fittest survive. And to any woman that could kill a child after the first 4weeks yr sick. I can't believe they are giving birth to the baby and then after a successful birth it's then killed and that's called an abortion. I'm sorry ladies but no way, no how, not on my watch. I was with a woman 14 years and I never got her pregnant because I didn't want a child. If you can kill a baby yr sick. I'm pro life and you people are mad.

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