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Air Force Base In Italy – The US Military is EVERYWHERE

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I attempted to map every US Military base, and it was not easy.
Check out Storyblocks Where I got loads of footage for this video:

If you live near a US military base, I want to hear from you!

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Air Force Base In Italy - The US Military is EVERYWHERE

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  1. Hey thanks for watching!

    A couple things:

    I have a patreon where I share map backgrounds from videos as well as the actual scripts, you can find that here:

    I had custom presets & luts that I use to color my videos and photos. I developed them over a year with a professional colorist. In incase that’s interesting to you, here they are:

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  2. So what

    We want freedom all around the world

    Not communist

    Because if you belong to a communist country

    You wouldnt be able to do this by you tube .
    In china or cuba or north Korea

    Why don't you

    Do a show how it feels to be living in a communist country and what you can and cant do in a communist country

  3. One of my friends was stationed at a US base in Japan. It was really nice since I live in Australia and whenever we play games he’s only an hour or so behind, instead of 13 hours or so. I almost considered trying to look for the base. I have since given up on this idea after this video. Would be too hard.

  4. The other day I remember tracking a USAF drone that was circling the Black Sea. It had launched from Sicily, and I was really confused on why a US drone had launched out of an Italian airfield. Since looking at this map I get it’s a US base. Thanks Johnny, you’re a great inspiration for me and I want to be like you someday.

  5. People who think 911 was faked just think about this. After World War II America’s biggest bases were in Germany and in Japan because the US won the war. Now locate those countries on a map or globe actually then look at China and Russia what is missing to surround them the Middle East so America had an excuse after 9/11 to build the biggest bases in the Middle East in Qatar in the UAE all over Africa it’s just so they can surround China and Russia

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