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***apologies for the sometimes schitty audio quality in this video. In hindsight I probably should’ve laved up in certain rooms but alas, it is what it is. We travel CARRY ON ONLY and my two bags are well overweight. This is in part because I work as a Travel Videographer and Photographer, but also because I enjoy flying Carry On and no longer want to deal with airline check in counters or long lines waiting to pick up baggage at your final destination. I can also fit all of my stuff into these two suitcases, so why not…? Oh right the weight limit… in this video we show you HOW TO TRAVEL WITH OVERWEIGHT CARRY ON LUGGAGE.

I know this video could be seen as somewhat controversial and I am interested to know your opinions in the comments.

What do you think of travelling with Overweight Carry On?

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  1. Over weight yes but you have a total of 46 kg free hold allowance between you that you are not using. That would have been factored in to the take off weight calculation when they sold the tickets.
    The only issue that the airline has with grossly overweight carry on bags is a general safety rather than a money making exercise. The overhead bins have a structural weight limit so the don't colapse if there is a bumpy landing. Also you are expected to be able to lift the bag in and out of the overhead bin by yourself If the cabin crew do help because say the passenger is old or frail, then there is a limit to what they are legally permitted to lift above shoulder height.

  2. Knowing that I’m finally free from this deadly type 2 Diabetes is a big relief for me and my family members. All that’s to this great Dr IGUDIA on his YouTube channel who cured my my Type 2 Diabetes disease with his natural herbs medication which I ordered form him. You can also contact Dr IGUDIA for weight loss and cure for other illnesses.

  3. A heavy plane is a dangerous plane. PERIOD. You need to get a professional bag that will protect your gear, I use a vintage zero Halliburton camera bag and tend to carry over 50K worth of Leica equipment… which I insure via a separate policy. And I check it with FRAGILE tape all over it. I have yet to have a problem. You are carrying way over the Lufthansa weight limit.

  4. I agree you should not be expected to check your expensive camera gear however, it is equally unfair for you to expect to bring your other bag into the cabin instead of checking it. There is nothing more frustrating to have purchased a seat and space for one carry-on to find someone has taken your allocated space at your seat because they don't want to check any of their luggage.

    No one wants to be separated from their luggage and people who cannot fit their luggage in their allocated space (one overhead + under the seat in front of them) make travel difficult for everyone else (regardless of the justification). Please respect other travelers in the limited-space cabin).

  5. Tie two or three colored ribbons around the handle to your luggage to warn others that this is not their luggage. People grab luggage at the turnstile and take it home before you ever see it.

    Use a man’s “half windsor” knot for the best look.

    Anywhere you put your bag, it could be grabbed in error. Example: overhead compartment, unloaded from the bus, at the hotel lobby, turnstile…..

  6. TAP has a total combined weight limit for all carry-on luggage of 10 Kg (22 lbs.) The personal item must be sized to fit under the seat (standard for all airlines). The gate agents usually, but not always, weigh the bags and TAP also often puts a tag on each carry-on item to indicate to the gate agent that it was "approved". On a recent trip on TAP, my luggage was not weighed in Miami but was in Florence, where the agent insisted I check one of my two bags because I was 1.5 Kg over the 22 Kg limit. I talked her out of it because I had no checked luggage at all and made a big fuss about first having to remove medicine, electronics and other items from the bag to be checked which would have held up the line. She gave up and let me by, but not without a quick lecture on knowing and obeying the rules. I was not aware that this whole check-in / weigh-in hassle can be avoided by having your boarding pass downloaded in advance. BTW, if you think you might have to check your carry-on (not camera) bag, then consider packing critical items in a small lightweight gym bag inside your carry-on bag, and then you can just remove the gym bag with the essentials that you don't want checked, and take that on board as your carry-on.

  7. Welcome to my city! Don't know if tou are still there but don't miss the sunrise at Ponte Vasco da Gama. Take the drone but first go to DJI to unlock the zone, you can fly but only up to 30 meters altitude. Enjoy and loose yourselves in those beautiful streets.

  8. Super interesting video with lots of tips! I just hate that Asia is so behind with online checkin (or maybe Europe is just so ahead!) so you have to go to a desk and then they can see your bags and weigh them! But a great reminder of how easy it can be in Europe! 😀

  9. It's nice to see the rationalization of 'professional photographer' and as a 'technology manager,' I can rationalize my carry on as well. When I look @2:15, there are many opportunities to 'lighten the load'. Everything from the type of bag you chose to taking your pile of gear and considering what could be left behind. If you were forced to leave something behind, you would make hard decisions.

  10. The system is biased from start to finish, an example being when i travel with my trekking buddy the stats are
    Me Him Me Him
    Height 1.6m 1.9m Weight 78kg 100kg
    I am being penalised for being smaller and lighter, you could get a lot more of my height and weight on a plane than his.
    I feel there should be a maximum weight per passenger this would including all baggage before excess charges are applied 🙂

  11. I take offense to those people like you who have 2 carry ons that are stuffed to the gills and put them in the overhead storage ( I'll bet that backpack didn't fit under the seat). Then, when I get on the plane, there is no overhead storage room for my carry on, and I need to check it!

  12. So now that you have showed people how to get on the airplanes with extra weight. What happens when the airlines get a hold of videos like this one and decide to do something about that? Do you think its SMART to do a video like this?

  13. Aircraft 30 years ago didn’t have the overhead storage the planes do now. Many aircraft safety experts and the airline manufacturers say they are a significant safety hazard in the event of a crash, extreme turbulence or hard emergency landing. They are there only because too many whiny people complained about the inconvenience of having to get your checked bags. Your two overweight bags can become flying 20-30 pound projectiles that could injury and even kill someone. If they fly out of the bin and land in the walkway they can keep someone from exiting a burning plane. But I suppose it isn’t a problem as long as you aren’t inconvenienced

  14. I think I am the only one that thought this was a waste of 14 minutes. You told us virtually nothing other than check in on line and pack your canera gear separately. How about a coat that can pack your gear? I think I topped out over ten kilos of gear in my coat. I also wear a sturdy belt that can hold my heavier lens if necessary. I also just switched to mirrorless which drips the weight significantly on two camera bodies. Finally, the plane has a max weight. As far as I know it's no difference in the cargo hold vs cabin, but perhaps someone in the steeling industry can correct me. My understanding is their justification is if a heavy bag fell out could hurt someone. I never bought that, I think it's a convenient excuse to charge passengers. That said you are right if they hate check it you avoid the fee. For me it's not about the fee but to keep my gear safe. If happily just pay a fee to avoid the hassle as long as I could keep my gear in the cabin

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