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  1. Thank you for continuing interesting teaching. Leads were one thing I was being asked to concentrate on in the occasional sessions I do with 3rd/4th year groups who have gone through the first two years of courses with me and are now playing regular club duplicate. These have had to be postponed, so your lessons have been very valuable. I will, with respect, still continue to teach slightly differently from you: I still believe it is better for average players and beginners in particular always to play their partner's suit "top downwards" in no-trumps. It means a high card knocks out one of declarer's; partner instantly knows the location of all high cards, so can judge whether it is worth pursuing the suit; and it prevents blocking suits, which otherwise happens all too often at the level I play/teach at.

    For example if you have KJ98xx, partner has 1043 and there is a singleton on table. If partner leads 10, you know declarer only has AQx, (or poss xx, but that doesn't matter) so the 10 will knock out an honour and it is worth you continuing the suit. But if they lead low, you don't know whether to continue the suit if you get in: if partner has the 10 it is OK, but if they haven't declarer finesses the 10 and makes an extra trick they wouldn't have made (can't lead from dummy.) So if partner always leads their highest, you know the position and can work out whether to continue a suit or switch.

    And with regard to blocking: top players like yourself can gauge when getting blocked is a danger, newer players cannot. I will never forget playing against a lovely lady at Horsham who sadly died a couple of years ago. I risked 3NT with only Axx in Hearts which had been bid, as I knew we had 28+ points so hoped we'd get away with it. She held 9872 in hearts, singleton 10 on table. On her partner's lead of HK,Q and J she religiously played 9, 8,7. I of course ducked the first two rounds, but to make 9 tricks I had to finesse into her hand, which failed. She then fed her 2 to partner for two more tricks taking the contract down. They scored a 100% top, all the others in 3NT made it because their partner had not unblocked from the start. When I congratulated her on her defence she said "I was taught always play your partner's suit from the top in NT, whether leading or following" so it's not just me who likes to do that!

    I think the value of knocking out honours, telling partner where the high cards are and avoiding blocking outweigh the advantages of giving count.

  2. Thank you very much Bernard! Sorry I couldn’t join you live: I had to play team match practice on BBO this morning. I will look into Scrambling 2NT and send this link to my partner. If he agrees, I can add it to the system. If opener had a balanced hand with a H stopper 17-18pts, what is his rebid? He cannot rebid 2NT if using Scrambling 2NT. “X”? Alfie is so cute!

  3. Hello Bernard. Happy Easter. The business about comments … I think it has something to do with YouTube waiting until the connection has been terminated for five minutes before comments are allowed. Not sure, but it seems to be the case. Great seminar today – and Alfie was, indeed, a star.

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