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All Glass Aquarium – Tips to Keep Your Aquarium Glass Clean – EP 3: Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance

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Reefers work so hard on getting their tank up and running, but algae all over your aquarium glass makes it difficult to see all the cool fish and corals inside the tank. Today’s episode of BRStv, we first explore ways to avoid the algae breakouts in the first place through water changes or using GFO to remove phosphates or keeping an ultra-low nutrient tank with a ZEOvit system.

So what happens if the glass does get dirty. There are several glass cleaners and scrapers available that will do the trick. Choose a sleek magnetic Vertex Cleaner-Mag – available in several sizes. Algae Free Magnetic Cleaners come is several sizes for the various thicknesses of glass – be sure to find the one that is right for your tank. The Flipper is a unique product with two sides that allows you to flip the cleaner in the tank – no wet hands.

How do you keep your tank clean? Share your comments below.

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  1. Would the bladed scraper not scratch the glass? I hate the magnetic ones as the sand that traps has scratched glass on my tanks in the past… I just got a new reef tank so im looking for tips to avoid scratching my glass as my new tank is prestine

  2. Sometimes I think a tank can be to clean… all my fry are doing really well and they eat the fine algae on the glass.. I also have heavily planted tanks and this helps… I get that it doesn't look as apealing to some people but pristine tanks (glass) isn't always a good thing in my experience…

  3. I have a 1/2" acrylic 180. I have never found anything remotely as good as "Mr Clean Magic Eraser". There are no chemicals on these and are safe for fish and inverts. Sure, you have to put your arm in the tank, but it removes everything with far less effort than any magnetic scraper, and I've tried most of them.

  4. can fish die from being underfed? or will they just not be as active if their being fed less than usual? im considering cutting on my feeding. For some reason, after i came back today from not being home all weekend, my glass was covered in brown and green algea.

  5. i had a salt water tank years ago, did fairly well, then one day all the fish started dying, of course back then i was a novice, this go around if you really want to keep your salt water tank going strong, and looking beautiful, it does require a lot of researching, the end result,,,,, is amazing

  6. One of the best ways to control alge on glass is to prevent light from reaching it .Cutting the light time works but a better bet is to direct the light away from the front glass somehow. It's much easier if the light is several inches above the water, but by installing a piece of black plexiglass or other opaque,waterproof material ( 6 inches by the width of the tank)so that it shades the rear wall and front wall of the tank ,very little alge will grow. Also positioning the light several inches above the tank (positioned toward the front of the tank aimed back) directing the light to the back will shade the front galss and also allow the reflective sides of your fish (especially damsels)catch horizontal light and to shine with color.(try a flashlight on your fish to see it's effect)

  7. I'm new to saltwater – I have a 125 gal. tank. Is it ok to scrape the algae off the whole tank? I have a fish only tank for the time being. There is plenty of algae on my rocks. The back of the tank is covered with black paper – so when you look at the tank you can see all the algae and it makes the tank look dirty. Thanks very much.

  8. So I've been having to clean my glass about every 2-3 days now. And it looks like a brown diatom kinda algae which is also growing on the sand and rocks a bit. I test phosphates with the Hanna checker ulr and it reads anywhere from 0-4 ppb…in other words, really low. What is going on that I'm missing?

  9. I am thinking of getting a nano reef with a black back, separating tank and filter on the back of the tank, but all of those black backs are acrylic and I don't like to see algae on them (green nor coroline) ….How to keep it clean without scratching?

  10. I use ORIGINAL Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponges to efficiently clean and remove even calciferous algae from aquarium glass. Non-toxic they're completely safe to use in both freshwater and saltwater environments. shred. ORIGINAL Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are durable and rectangular, making corner and crevice cleaning effortless, with never a scratch. You may cut or use the whole sponge. Waste matter will cling to it instead of mixing into the water, so I recommend discarding after one use.  Don't be scared. It will not harm your precious fish. Just make sure the box reads "ORIGINAL" Magic Eraser. 

  11. G'day yes the best scraper I have used, I started with the mag flip with acrylic blades for glass worked well for the fist clean but the blades don't last long for glass  then I seen the flipper with stainless-steel  blades it works the beast at the sand bed when you just go up and down it will get the algae off with out disturbing the sand bed much, than when you go long way a cross the sand bed then it lifts the sand and now I can get into places where rocks are close to the glass and cleaned the algae off it is the best I have found the stainless-steel blade of the flipper will fit the mag-flip so now I have two good glass cleaners now would like to see them make one to do my 19mm ( 1" ) glass tank thanks and happy new year

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