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All Glass Aquarium – Best & Worst Aquarium Fish I’ve Owned

Pots Best & Worst Aquarium Fish I’ve Owned on the topic of All Glass Aquarium You’re getting a lot of attention, aren’t you? !!
Today, let’s Canadian Orange Historical Site learn about Best & Worst Aquarium Fish I’ve Owned in today’s post!

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Introduce about Best & Worst Aquarium Fish I’ve Owned

Let’s reveal my most and least favorite fish I’ve personally kept. (FYI most categories don’t have a least favorite because I ain’t a hater.)
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All Glass Aquarium - Best & Worst Aquarium Fish I’ve Owned

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  1. Hope I'm not fishsplaining here, but I have a few pseudomugil connieae (related to the forktails you mentioned and are indeed amazing) and actually looking for tateurndina ocellicauda (peacock gudgeons) because they can be found together in the wild.

  2. I got 2 fantail goldfish one got ich so now he's in a 10 gallon tub with medicine and the spots are going away he has only 2 now but I added soil to my 20 gallon tank which both of my goldfish were in but now both are in 10 gallon tubs because the soil which was clay stained the tank and I had to clean the tank and now I'm waiting for my water to cycle

  3. I have a pet Betta named Maximoff, he loves me and my sister, but he tried to fight my mom and he's afraid of my dad

    For context he's afraid of my dad because my dad poked the tank by accident the first time he was looking at Maximoff and the poor fish has been scarred since

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