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All Glass Aquarium – Acrylic Vs. Low Iron Glass Vs. Regular Glass Aquarium

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My favorite kind of aquarium is the low iron glass one. It can get quite costly, though, especially the bigger size tanks.
Crystal glass is usually somewhere between the low iron and regular glass.

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All Glass Aquarium - Acrylic Vs. Low Iron Glass Vs. Regular Glass Aquarium

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  1. Is there a tool to check or verify you have low iron glass? I just bought an aquarium and they said it was low Iron… It isn't clear when I look at it… it is bluish green. I watched another video and the guy showed starfire glass with a bluish tinted. So I don't know what is low iron.

  2. Excellent video. I was just looking for the right type of glass to buy. Low iron it is, then. I loved the idea of acrylic, then I remembered how easily my psp screen used to get scratched. Then it occurred to me that this problem would be doubled with the risk of substrate abbrading the interior surface, which you just confirmed. I'm fortunate to have a place to put the tank where it can't be easily struck of knocked over.

  3. Thank you for explaining this to me. There are so many things I don't know. Been in the hobby about 5 years but I don't know anyone except the local pet store. I think they just wanted to sell more fish. Learning on my own and I am not good with cell phones or computers. I'm lucky if you get this. My question is where do I buy glass. I had a panel break in an 80 gal recently. I want to replace myself because I have asked glass shops around here and they all told me to go to pet store. No help at all. I'm finding that in this hobby you have to rigg things yourself. I also want to build my own because I prefer deep aquariums instead of long. I think I can build one myself. Please help with any information. If you can't please ask someone to help me. My email is on FB.

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