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Son Of God by Cory Asbury official lyric video from Have It All.
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All God'S Children - Son Of God (Official Lyric Video)

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  1. So, I'm 17 years old, about to be a senior in highschool… I turned away from God and I've been struggling with depression, anxiety, and a toxic ex. I didn't want to continue anymore and I felt like no one cared about me. I was about to give up today and this song popped up on my recommended and I turned it on and I just felt the holy spirit enter my bedroom and my soul feels at peace. I'm coming back to Jesus. If you read this, thank you for reading my story, I hope this helps someone ♥♥

  2. I can’t sleep my room smells like marijuana and I drank a cappuccino this evening after shoveling multiple neighbors sidewalks to get out of the four same walls. I was going stir crazy. So here I am listening to this at 4:05am still haven’t slept. I’ll get a nap in later today. My next door neighbor has other plans on keeping me up.

  3. There is a place of sorrow and love
    The innocent Savior broken and Bleeding for us
    And nails in His hands
    Thorns on His brows
    Rivers of mercy endlessly flowing down

    The Son of God
    High and lifted up
    The Fathers love
    Came pouring down for us
    He has overcome

    There is a place for all who will come
    His arms are open
    Our sins are washed white in His blood
    The lost and unworthy
    Come find your home
    The broken and hurting
    And His love will never let go

    The Son of God
    High and lifted up
    The Fathers love
    Came pouring down for us
    He has overcome
    The spotless Lamb for every sinner slain
    Our victory
    Our hope beyond the grave
    He has overcome
    He has overcome

    Now my soul will ever be
    Of my Savior's love for me
    When at last
    His face I see
    With all the saints in glory

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