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Savannah – queue the perfect playlist and begin your driving vacation across picturesque Georgia to the state’s oldest city.

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#Savannah has a long, rich history and an even richer culture. Get your dose of Southern hospitality with a #vacation to this Georgian city. #Roadtrip anyone? A drive to Savannah is 4 hours or less from the nearby major cities of Orlando, Jacksonville, Columbia, Atlanta and more.

#Visit this much-loved destination for your next getaway and discover the many reasons why Savannah is a favorite of history and nature lovers alike.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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00:00 – Savannah
01:57 – Historic Downtown
02:32 – Savannah History Museum
02:48 – City Market
03:16 – Davenport House
03:33 – Owens-Thomas House and Slave Quarters
04:04 – Telfair Academy
04:30 – River Street
04:54 – The Pirates House
05:24 – Laurel Grove Cemetery
05:40 – Bonaventure Cemetery
06:14 – Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room
06:22 – Leopold’s
06:35 – Old Fort Jackson
06:55 – Fort Pulaski National Monument
07:16 – Tybee Island
07:36 – Wormsloe Historic Site
07:56 – Starland District
08:03 – Forsyth Park

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  1. I purchased a flexible ticket from Expedia for a hotel in Paris, when I tried to change my check in date from 9/30 to 10/1, they said no rooms were available, even though I was getting rid of a date instead of adding one. Book directly from venue to avoid this scam.

  2. Oh my God, what a shithole of a city. Not what it was 20 years ago.
    Inked up, pierced, gay, bi-racial woke denizens infest the historis section of the city at night, not to mention the herds from the ghetto that bring their muscle cars into the historic section and blast rap music from their parked cars.
    Spoke to a number of like minded tourists who, like us, could not wait to end their stay in this slum.
    I am sure the black mayor has a lot to do with the thug culture in the city.
    STAY AWAY from Savannah.

  3. I have a week off in may. My father lived in savanah for a few years while he was in the army. He talks about Savanah so often. I am taking him there for his retirement party. It will be my first time there and his first time since 1989 when he was discharged

  4. Was there for the new year 2022
    Street lights are most all out.
    No restrooms
    Dirty streets
    Gang all over
    Homeless sleeping in parks.
    Lot panhandle.
    Everything is overpriced
    Very dark city no street lights that work.
    Trash all over.
    Tipacal demacrate city.
    Soon it will be like Chicago.
    One more thing you will hear crussine everywhere.
    The panhandlers of they not get what they want ,they will curse you
    We not go back.
    Turning into a demacrate scumbag.

  5. Visiting Savannah for the true first time is one of my best memories of 2021, I honestly like it more than Charleston, SC even! It wasn't destroyed during the Civil War, so you'll see far more Antebellum history than most other places. You can also walk around with drinks, such as on tours, which you unfortunately won't find anywhere else in the US. Most importantly, the place is all-around gorgeous and I really hope to come back soon. "Forest City" is not a name I heard when I visited, but it does fit very well.

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