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In this video I talk about AVS forum. It’s a website with dozens of threads on over the air TV in markets across the United States. It’s an excellent resource to see what is going on with over the air TV in your area including if a TV station is at reduced power, when the tower work will be done, if new stations launch, and the status of ATSC 3.0.

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Blaise Alexander Mansfield - AVS Forum - Local OTA TV Info and Reception in Your Area

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  1. It's been awhile since I've been to the site, thanks for the reminder. And one of those sites probably not need to start a new thread, plenty to read regarding local info and reception. San Francisco, or SF bay area, started in 2004 and zillion posts later still active so you can see the latest posts and trace discussions back 16 years. What is really interesting is lots of tech talk by local experts notably Larry Kenney a retired broadcast engineer that worked ABC stations. He has several websites and maintains this list for the SF bay area, for those of us that want a list of RF and virtual channels, transmitter location, ERP, subchannels, licensee, etc.

    Though this is all great but overall for me there's really not much on OTA that interests me. Almost all the channels and shows are of zero interest for me. I usually tune to Svengoolie on Saturday night, movies not much an interest for me, but love the host and his usual gang for the creativity weirdness. It is YT that is my video timepit. Which then I wonder with advanced TV technology in addition to internet providing data for techies of the the station but content is weak (if you ask me) to what could be provided.

    Then we have ATSC 3.0 which I see will be a big break through in better reception and make a comeback for portable TV sets. But the programming content will be weak. It's like going back to the moon, planting the flag but not bringing back as much moon rocks as Apollo.

  2. I like AVS Forum but have today found it impossible to log in. I rejoined, mistyped my own email (my fault!), can't make site accept a corrected eddress (it sends notices to bad eddress, which of course makes zero sense…), and… it's a mess. Fortunately! I have no helpful information/observations to add to the forum these days, so I can simply visit now and then and read about what is happening in NM (like new stations). I watch TV OTA but have watched almost nothing all Summer long due to poor content.

  3. Our NBC station has been really crappy, thousands and thousands of "uncorrected errors" on the Tivo diagnostics screen…then today suddenly it's 72%, zero errors. I just don't know what to think anymore.. But we did finally get Locast, so that's a nice backup..if it lasts.

  4. I used the AVS forum 17 years ago when I was looking to buy a wide screen HD TV, it was a great source of information back then and still is. Oh and back then I ended up buying a 61" Samsung HLN617 DLP TV for $5,300 (that was a deal at the time), it was native 720P but could do 1080i. I repaired it myself numerous times, color wheels, lamps and such, too many parts that could wear out but there was no possibility of burn in and for the time, the picture quality was amazing. But it was nothing compared to my current 65" LG OLED TV, at half the cost and takes up less space because it's so thin. Ah technology is an amazing thing.

  5. I gave up TV a long time ago when the networks went Leftist…..even Public Broadcasting has gone that way…..I now watch reruns of 50's TV series like Ozzie and Harriet…..Amos N' Andy is one of my favorites….good luck with all the newfangled AVS stuff….it is still garbage….have a nice day….

  6. has this information as well. I have been an AVS forum member for many years and when I ask a question the response seldom comes from the tv station employees who are also members. The answer is frequently provided with a link to page. You need to do reviews on Televes LR mix antennas. The VHF element is amazingly powerful for the size, also no need to buy an amp or filter cuz they are built in.

  7. MY local station when the repack was done told people to rescan only. They failed to tell people that their antenna was not at full height due to lack of tower crews. I don't understand why they don't inform people of this it just causes frustration and a lot of calls to their station. Thanks Tyler for the tip about AVS forum, I found the info I was looking for.

  8. Thank you… I forgot about AVS Forum. I used to visit the site when the original DTV broadcasts started up in Chicago. Wow I just looked at my profile and I started using avsforum in September of 2000, Almost 20 years ago!

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