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Blaise Alexander Mansfield – Gustavo Acuña's Fatal Crash @ Paysandú 2015

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An experienced rider and former National champion Gustavo Acuña, 48-year-old from Salto, Uruguay, lost his life as a result of a horrific accident while competing in a motocross competition on the track of the Centro Auto Motociclista Sanducero (CAMS) in the Ciudad de Paysandú, Paysandú department in western Uruguay, on Sunday, 19 July 2015.

The event was the fifth round of the 2015 Campeonato Regional Sanducero de Motociclismo Velocidad en Tierra de Mecánica Nacional (Paysandú Region Motocross Championship).

Shortly after the start of the Categoría Máster 150 cm3 race, Gustavo Acuña was leading a field of 20 competitors when, on the approach to the fast left-hand bend nearly the access road to the circuit, suddenly his bike skidded and he fell down in the middle of the track. The oncoming motorcyclists who came at high speed were unable to avoid him and many of them rolled over his body.

The race was immediately stopped and an ambulance, which was parked barely 30 meters from the curve where the accident occurred, rushed the unfortunate rider to the Sanatorio Comepa in the Ciudad de Paysandú. Sadly, Gustavo Acuña was pronounced dead on arrival, victim of a fracture of the base of his skull, and other serious internal injuries.

It was later known that a broken chain of transmission of his motorcycle caused the fall of Acuña.

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