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Check Points Near Me – LIVE STREAM: Friday September 16th 2022 – News From Saint Petersburg

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0:00 Countdown
3:19 Intro Video ‘In Russia – в России’ –
10:03 Battle for Kherson Chronicle for September 15, 2022:
11:51 Chatting
15:15 Residents of Riga threatened with fines for public performance of “Katyusha” and the anthem of the USSR:
16:52 European gas prices likely to fall sharply this winter, says Goldman Sachs:
21:42 Ukrainian president: Mass grave found near recaptured city:
Izyum Cemetery Pictures:
25:04 Kherson official says Zelensky plotting false flag in Izyum:
27:08 Ukrainian Alleged Peace Deal:
30:46 EU lawmakers declare that Hungary is no longer a democracy:
37:26 A blow to the center of Kherson was caught on video:
37:59 Ukrainians in southern France mistook each other for Russians and fought over a song:
40:05 Greek deputies called on the EC to evaluate the dismantling of the Victory monuments:
41:42 US unveils plan to destroy Russia:
46:24 NATO spoke about the end of the conflict in Ukraine:
47:07 Kyrgyzstan declares clashes along the entire perimeter of the border with Tajikistan:
48:37 Pelosi going to Armenia amid renewed clashes with Azerbaijan:
49:42 Sonneburg – Von Der Leyen video:

52:42 The German government took control of three Rosneft refineries in the country:
53:49 Bloomberg: German government may nationalize three major gas importers:
55:14 Russia prepared to give away hundreds of thousands of tons of fertilizers for free:

King Charles III “Letting it all out’ clip:

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  1. Currently, the oil and gas pipelines go from Baku to Tbilisi to Kars then on to Ceyhan, Turkey on the Mediterranean for shipments to the West. We all know from Fiona Hill's 2003 Brookings article that the US Oil companies had plans to shift the Baku to Tbilisi to Batumi and then under the Black Sea to Burgas, Bulgaria.

    There are other such proposals from other DC area think tanks online that are written by political science majors rather than civil engineers. The political inference is clear, the think tanks are writing on behalf of their benefactors to cut out Erdogan because the civil engineers had already written their plans in-house.

    It is well known that Erdogan has always had a pan-Turkic agenda of connecting the oil-rich Turkic CIS countries with pipelines going under the Caspian Sea to Baku and then on to Turkey. Turkey and AZ have been very aggressive in the Nagorno-Karabagh area for years.

    As long as Armenia continues to block a direct Baku to Kars pipeline, then a Baku to Batumi to Burgas pipeline remains viable to the DC think tank benefactors. So now I guess Pelosi has a sense of urgency in Armenia which puts her at odds with von der Layen who has close ties with Aliyev.

  2. I personally thought that there is an inheritance tax and found, that it was cancelled in 2005. The more you know. But! There is sort of a "tax" – state registration fee paid to a notary. It is 0,3%(but no more then 100000 roubles) of inherited posessions worth for close relatives and 0,6%(but no more then 1 million roubles) for other inheritors. And there is an income tax on inherited copyright rights, like art, science or inventions.

  3. Honk is a german slang word meaning idiot, chump, someone who doesn´t know anything etc. Martin Sonneborn is the founder of the german satirical party "the PARTY" (capitals!, "die PARTEI") and the only member (of course) of the PARTY in EU parliament (they got 2% of the votes in Germany or so, in polls under "others"). Earlier he was editor in chief of german satirical magazine "Titanic". "We shouldn´t leave the EU to the Leyens": "Leyen" sounds like "Laien" in german, Laien means rookies, newbies, the opposite of professionals.

  4. At 33:55: about Hungary: It works: Less money or none for Hungary results in more money for the Kyiv regime to keep military ops going. The message is clear:
    Don't even think about critizising the EU for funding the Kyiv regime or try to not agree with any EU sanctions and you will be punished.
    They sit in their parliaments and commissions and act like feudal lords who are above everyone and everything and do not care a bit about the well-being of the population. Here the EU lords show their real faces.

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