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CBC Vancouver’s Anita Bathe and Belle Puri host a virtual town hall, Situation Critical, to address the current state of health-care in B.C., what’s not working and what needs to change.

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Check Points Near Me - CBC Vancouver Situation Critical Town Hall (ASL stream)

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  1. So many questions so few answers:

    How do you get a family physician? Pay them! No body wants to do it because it's hard and it pays the least in medicine. If being Canadian means living in a country with universal healthcare then you NEED to remunerate the cornerstone of the system well enough that they will want to do it.

  2. I had a GP for 8 year for health but weekly primarily for mental health care. In year 8 I went into brutal severe depression. She became very incompetent and then abusive. Finally, she got me a psychiatrist 10 months later who gave me a heavy-duty diagnosis. She did not like it and never told me it and made sure I was led to believe the psychiatrist did not care about me and watched me spiral down even more till I said I did not want him. Then another month later she fired me (when everyone in local mental health including her considered me high risk) mocking me about su*cide. She knew I would never be able to find another GP also. Luckily a Veterans Psychiatrist stepped up and filled my prescriptions and eventually I found a local psychiatrist (2 years later with the help of an ER Dr and the Vet Psychiatrist calling him. ER Nurses, Psych Nurses and ER Doctors at the local hospital are always so nice to me. I was even there 5 nights ago for help.) It took another year (3 years total) and then with the help of the local psychiatrist I was able to find a Nurse Practitioner to take care of my medical needs. Their clinic says they do not accept patients fired either but my psychiatrist (before he moved away) lobbied for me saying how I was abused by the GP and they took me in. All this talk about needing more GPs. No, we need more Nurse Practitioners!!!!!!!! Appointments are longer, they are much more patient friendly and are salaried by the govt. Im so thankful to my former psychiatrist for helping me find my Nurse Practitioner who I am also very grateful to have after almost ending it 4 times over what my ex-GP did to me and being diagnosis with bad PTSD from her as well that has taken years of therapy to get a handle on considering I already had several other serious mental health diagnoses before that. Now because of all of this and also because of her Im looking at having to go into inpatient care for trauma. Im preparing a complaint to the College of P & S but I doubt they will even care because so far what I have seen if they do not care in the least about patients with mental illness (we do not count) and because of the shortage. I think these days doctors can pretty much whatever they want to patients and patients just have to take the abuse and smile. Im still going to submit it though. We might need more GPs but we also need more NPs.

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