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Check Points Near Me – 10 Things I Have Learned in my Time Running This Channel

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Check Points Near Me - 10 Things I Have Learned in my Time Running This Channel

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  1. Shannon, you're a legend. I'm really glad you made this eppie. Give us a little peak behind the scenes. I've always wondered why you don't do live streams, since you do your videos in one take anyways. I think once a week of you (and a moderator) just talking and responding to people, would really elevate your profile.

  2. I found you about a year ago through a Reddit comment I believe. You've helped me immensely as a new, more engaged hockey veiwer, in understanding the game. The amount of work you put into the channel is immense and does not go unnoticed. THANK YOU.

  3. That Top 10 list epitomizes why we love this channel. Do something you love and you will do it well. Do something well and others will want to support you. Shannon, you are a credit to sports analysts, bloggers, reporters, fans, etc. You are authentic and pure class. And, Yvonne is amazing and cheers for the best team. 🙂

  4. I enjoy your authenticity. Unlike, the employees of HNIC who are scripted by bosses. Also, your communication skills are outstanding. No crutches like “ya know” and “I mean”; you are more polished than many on Sport Radio. Keep “keeping it real”!

  5. Never worry about being bias. It’s almost impossible to not be. It shows you are a fan of the game. You could take me out of Buffalo, put me in a $3000 suit and have me in Toronto or NYC on tv. I will always be a Sabres fan. I am realistic etc. At the end of the day though my passion will always show for the Sabres. If a day comes that I no longer have that. I have no business discussing hockey. Then I would just be another shell of a human blowing smoke. We watch channels like this because it’s “real”

  6. There are two kinds of bias on YouTube: the creator's bias and the viewer's bias. Viewer's bias often expresses itself as bias in bias recognition also known as metacognitive bias. In simple terms, a biased viewer interprets absence of bias as bias against his own view, and projects that onto the content creator. Bottom line, don't give up on being unbiased – just do it for yourself, not for others.

  7. I think most people agree with me on my reaction to your top 10s:
    1) I have warmed up to advanced stats too, I don't like advanced stat zealots but as a goalie appreciate their work.
    2) I personally never cared about your bias because it was so much harder to detect than everyone else's bias.
    3) For whatever reason lists are super, super fun.
    4) I like history videos, I enjoy them, but yeah I enjoy lists and news much more.
    5) We're all proud to see you be where you're at, and we're excited to see you grow!
    6) Your instincts are great. One of my favorite things about you is you don't come off as some Toronto elitist who says the dumbest possible thing about sports but think's he/she is genius because they get paid millions by faceless corporations who do not care. I love the fact that you use a whiteboard and magnets, I love to see your cats, and I love seeing your jersey collection. It gives me a feeling of a smart, hockey fan, not a pompous "I was a crappy hockey player for six years so I know everything including ten games in the NHL so I know everything."
    7) Lack of integrity gets money, but integrity gets you money and respect.
    8) I'm also very hesitant to appreciate 8-year contracts but it was your video on current 8-year contracts that convinced me they were good.
    9) As a Utahn in addition to being an Albertan I am super proud of what happened in Vegas, everything about it was awesome and it's great to see Canadian elitists eat it when hockey works in the desert. I hope Arizona comes around because as a proud hockey fan I want it to work; I don't want to admit hockey isn't that great and have it relocate (I get that if you're in Quebec City you have different feelings and I won't argue with you).
    10) Like him or not Donald Trump constantly spoke (among many things) that you should always pursue to have fun in your work.

  8. Awesome Shanon.

    IMHO I find your hockey channel to "feel" l the most genuine. and your set and props are a big part of that feel. Congratulations.

    If I want a more dramatic show, Steve Dangle is the one for pure entertainment value. Never the less, for succinct hockey summary's I prefer THG. 🙂

  9. Really enjoy your content Shannon, and especially the history videos. As a UK based hockey fan, learning about the history of teams etc is really interesting as hockey has only been available in our market for a relatively short time. Thanks for all your efforts, it’s really appreciated

  10. .. so I'm taking food off your table by skipping ads? ughhh fine mom, I'll watch the ads! Thanks for the content Shannon. I appreciate your instincts and love the channel. I'm grateful for your stand on sponsorship / partnerships – but I would like more THG BETX content! Also like history videos and I like the live streams! .. I don't know how well you do with the live streams but I hope you do well enough to keep doing them! Go Jets! (oops. boo bias)

  11. The NHL changed Vegas even more than Vegas changed the NHL. Its been a win-win but an even bigger win for the City. Give some credit to MGM for having the vision to privately fund a world class stadium on the Strip without any team willing to play there at the time. Their vision was to move from gaming entertainment into sports entertainment and a lot of people questioned who would go to a game when they can gamble instead. Turns out — a lot. BTW: Really enjoy your videos.

  12. I started following the NHL last season. I’ve got to say your channel is a godsend for anyone getting into hockey. Always informative & fun…but most importantly for me always welcoming and kind. Even your subscribers are some of the best hockey fans just based off comments I see across social media.

  13. I love the youtube content creators who use single takes or is cut in a cohesive way. to me, jump cuts are just lazy. there's one big automotive youtuber is just full of jump cuts, like every four to five word jump cuts. and to me is just painfully awful to watch. Keep up with the great content! and Go Panthers!

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