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Cheddars Little Rock – Undercover Boss Of Checkers Restaurant Is Forced To Reveal Himself

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The Undercover Boss of Checkers Restaurant makes a tough choice and reveals himself to the crew, and gives a hardworking employee $15,000 to help out his mother.

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Cheddars Little Rock - Undercover Boss Of Checkers Restaurant Is Forced To Reveal Himself

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  1. You always get that busy body person who thinks they are helping by fighting for your rights and dignity. The truth of it is, he can only do that because he OWNS the place. I don't think I've ever seen an Undercover Boss where the boss/CEO is actually painted in a bad light. UB is just a big PR show where owners/CEOs get to pat themselves on the back for being "decent human beings". In reality they prey on people in desperate situations that need an honest job without turning to the sex industry or crime.

    That store manager isn't completely wrong about staff. A lot of staff will run over you if you are "too nice" by trying to treat them like human beings. A LOT of people are self-entitled and overestimate their worth and contribution.

    Finish school, get your GED/HSD, get a regular 9-5, don't have children out of wedlock and wait till your 30-35 (as a man) to get married once financially stable. There's no excuse for being poor if you are in an OECD top 20 country.

  2. So many comments here about what a wonderful CEO this is, promoting company values. Cameras and PR aside, the truth is, that those values and standards serve mostly as presentation of something they want their restaurants to look like. But at the end of the month, upper management expects certain figures. If those figures are not satisfying then there will be questions, putting pressure on lower management. Lower management then will cut corners where it can to supply those figures. This results in a badly run restaurant where standards are 2nd priority and results are first priority. Doesn't matter how you get the results, just get the results even if it means you have to cheat.

    Sadly more often than not the management is not given the resources it needs like time, equipment, budget, employees but is expected to deliver anyway. Here an example on how the expectations of upper management diverges from reality. Food has to be fresh. Food has to be fast. Business has to make profit. Food is only fresh if you didn't prepare it beforehand. Food is only fast if you prepare it beforehand. So in order to keep food fresh and fast you have to prepare it and then throw away anything you didn't sell within a certain time period. If you do that consistently and adamantly your bosses will soon ask you about your high wastage. They may not care about your reasons but instead tell you to bring in the results because the restaurant has to make more profit than last year. So what do you do? You reduce your waste and sacrifice freshness and/or speed of service.

    It's nice to stand in front of a camera and talk about training and values and all that. I believe those people are very detached from what's actually going on inside a restaurant and their expectations are often unrealistic and harmful.

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