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Driving around some of the worst hoods of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Chance of becoming a victim of a violent offense? 1 in 15. However, locals swear if you try them, its a 1/1 chance. Sistrunk – and other downtown hoods drive thru. We also, give back a little something… not much, but better than just driving thru and doing nothing.

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City Of North Lauderdale - FORT LAUDERDALE  -  WORST HOODS

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  1. Your saying nasty things about every town in Florida that you go to. You obviously don't like Florida. So go away. I'm from Pennsylvania. Came here I was maybe 12 13. Been to other states. I don't like different areas for different reasons. But I've lived in bad neighborhoods. Every state and city has them. The only non evil place is called heaven! The worse neighborhood! Is the actual hell! Instead of picking places apart. Make a difference and be a difference! Instead of a bad attitude. God made the planet. And the people that live on it. Whether they claim it or not. Be a good difference or a jerk. You get to choose!

  2. ****Another BSO RAIDER PROPAGANDA VIEDEO**** thank you for showing us all the dope holes around Sunrise, I need run over a score some “whipped shit”. Lol! God the 80’s had the best BLOW not like all this repressed shit out there now. Besides you can’t trust anybody because there’s so many snitches on the street, no honor among the modern so-called players LOL***

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