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Clark Cinemas Enterprise – Arrested for Criticising the Monarchy?! | Friday Night with Byline Times

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Join Byline Times Editor Hardeep Matharu, and Executive Editor Peter Jukes for a breakdown of the most important stories of the week. With special guests Rosie Holt, John Sweeney and Nels Abbey.

We’ll be looking at how a history of Empire and colonialism changes the nature of mourning the Queen’s death for many ethnic minority Brits, as well as the implications of the Tory Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Act which is being used to arrest protestors with blank signs in London – just because they might write something critical of the Monarchy. We’ll also be discussing Ukraine’s major breakthrough against Russia with John Sweeney, and our upcoming film on Johnson and the Lebedevs.

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Clark Cinemas Enterprise - Arrested for Criticising the Monarchy?! | Friday Night with Byline Times

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  1. Since when has bad taste become an arrestable offence?. What about ' I disagree with what your saying but I defend your right to say it ' this used to be how things worked but now we are straining under the thought police. The idea that freedom of speech is only a right wing talking point but it isn't. I'm from the left and want to hear what others say and debate it , if I disagree with it

  2. When I was doing my counsellors course I learned of a saying, "There is no book written on how to behave while grieving, or at a funeral. How you feel is right, no matter what anyone else says. There is NO RIGHT WAY".

  3. The Propaganda about the Maoi Maoi immediately began in Britain with the release of a Film in full technicolor who's title used the same tribal names as though we really needed to fear the Maoi Maoi. This was a feature film shown in all Cinemas over and over, including children's matinees on a Saturday. My elder brother and I came out absolutely terrified about an hour and a half later. The film's Propaganda worked immediately, so it had it's desired effect. Or, did it ? Well we were fortunate enough that our local Council's Housing Department placed a family from Nigeria around the corner from our home. Us made friends with those who were of a similar age very quickly as we soon realised we had something in common. Our parents were constantly arguing with each
    other. PS That other guest should keep up, King Charles also has a grand daughter who's Black.

  4. Moving the goalposts on diversity much? When the tories diversified their cabinet why would anyone have thought they’d suddenly become champions of the working classes? Either daft or highly stereotypical assumptions of how people think based on skin colour or gender.
    The dividend of diversity is precisely that kids of different ethnicities, genders, sexualities, etc., can feel they can make it to top echelons. They’ll then group themselves into parties based on their beliefs and politics. There is precisely zero reason to suppose a black Tory, for example, will be any more or less enlightened or progressive than a white female, from a white male, etc.,

  5. Hear we go again. This is a disgusting piece of crap and all you are doing is jumping onto a band wagon because some jumped up piece of garbage who was raised with no manners.
    I don't care what you think about them but you will respect the death of a woman who was loved very much. You all say he has right to protest or anyone has the right to protest and I agree. However just cause he/she/they have the right doesn't mean they should.
    Everyone is jumping onto the bandwagon of abolish them yet you have not got a clue what the effects on this country doing such a thing would do. The Sovereign acts as a focus for national identity, unity and pride; gives a sense of stability and continuity; officially recognises success and excellence; and supports the ideal of voluntary service. In all these roles The Sovereign is supported by members of their immediate family. Which is why King Charles and William have been saying for quite sometime and with the blessing of the late queen we need it streamlined and streamlined it will be.
    Most countries have three branches of government we however are unique because we have four. Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. the fourth is SYMBOLIC.
    What would we gain ???
    Would we be better of and the answer is no we wouldn't you are looking at the wrong people to abolish.
    What this country needs is more political parties we can't even pick a prime minister yet you expect us to pick a president I don't think so.
    At our most basic level we make more money from the royals than they cost us, 4 billion is generated through them they are a huge asset to the tourist industry. They act as a focus for national cohesion and a safety valve for political tension. Instead of getting so worked up over our politicians and appointing some melodramatic arsehole, we put all the passion into the royals and instead hire and fire politicians according to whether they are likely to be good at the job.
    Royals give us our identity and elevate the status of us if they go then we would become a mediocre country with a god awful government and some dick as president. Lovely.
    Everything other than Balmoral and Sandringham would be broken up and sold all the fancy addresses in London would no longer be fancy so the knock of effect is all rich very rich people who live here will leave take all their business else where. All the jobs last not just within the royal tourist areas but EVERYONE. This country would never be the same again
    Show some damn respect because all those people in this country have stood for hours some have travelled a long way to pay their respects and you might think they're morons but I would rather have people like that than the stupid person waving his he isn't my king well then if he isn't yours go down to the immigration centre hand over your keys and your home your money your cars and swap places.
    Support your bloody country or ** OFF and we will carry on with out you.
    I am sick of seeing people put us down hate it here then go do you want help packing ??

  6. Interesting video and debate.
    I've no problem with anyone slagging off the monarchy or the late Queen.
    Technically, I would agree with many of those sentiments.
    Frankly, the Police should have better things to occupy their time.
    But, these expressions of 'Free Speech' were at what was essentially a funeral procession.
    A time when the majority of those present, appear to be 'respectfully' paying their respects.
    Their own choice of 'Freedom of expression?'
    Rightly or wrongly, most folk I'm guessing would be offended by someone, with an agenda or grudge against their own grandmother's, using a funeral procession to make a point.
    There's a time and place.
    QE-2 isn't even at rest in her tomb, as yet.
    That debate, if that's what it is, can be for another day.
    Freedom of Speech is a 2 way street.
    There is right to express an opinion, as in Free Speech and for those in disagreement, for a right to be offended.
    Whatever the reason.
    Expressing an opinion, is just that.
    Not necessarily 'fact', just an opinion.
    Pretty much what I've done.

  7. It always worries me when Jonathon Pie is endorsed. I remember not so long ago when he was in Putin's pocket, pushing the agenda that lurched the UK and US to the Right. I don't trust him and could care less as to what he says, regardless of it reinforcing my politics or not.

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