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Dinsmore & Shohl – Eugene Returns to Raw (2009) – Dinsmore's Commentary #11

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Nick recounts the one night return he had on WWE Raw back in 2009, where he was in a contract on a pole match with the man who would later be revealed as The Miz.

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Dinsmore & Shohl - Eugene Returns to Raw (2009) - Dinsmore's Commentary #11

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  1. This was really hard to hear, from the perspective of ND. One would figure being in shape would not be a factor for the Eugene character, since it was not a major selling point for what was necessary or needed. WWE made pretty good use of Eugene and I am quite surprised they would not have a future need or even entertain the thought for the future. Needless to say, it is around this time, we would see a drop in overall attention and viewership. WWE has made some REALLY poor decisions, by attempting to PUSH the divas, INSTEAD of focusing to find better talent and writers. Believe me I tried! (To no avail.)

  2. P.S the WWE was stupid for letting you go and I was extremely unhappy with them for doing that and I quit watching the show after that until about 2011. It would be cool to see you make a comeback some day but I understand if you never went back!! You'll always have a fan an friend in me brother you take care out there and thank you for sharing Eugene with us

  3. I didn't see a fat old Eugene what I seen was a man that could pull in the crowd not only on the live events but at home as well!! I got to see you in canyon Texas and you was pretty darn good at what you was doing. You gave triple H all he could handle an then some so with that being said I'll always be a big fan of Eugene!!

  4. Eugene should have been champ. He knew every finisher that every wrestler had. He was super strong. He had the hard head, which every opponent found out after they rammed his head into the turnbuckle 3 times in a row which "Eugened him up" but yet none of them ever watched a Eugene because they should have known that doesn't work. Dinsmore did a great job with the character. However, it didn't go over after his head was shaved and he had short hair. Thanks for all the entertainment you provided.

  5. @The Nick Dinsmore, Im so grateful to see you fight!! My childhood favorite wrestler!! Now I'm 21 and till this day I finally get to know what happened to the great eugene!! Hope you're doing great as well as your company midwest pro wrestling!!!

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