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Dion’S Clovis Nm – BUDDY HOLLY Crash Site & SURF BALLROOM The Day The Music Died

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1263 BUDDY HOLLY Crash Site & SURF BALLROOM The Day The Music Died – Travel Vlog (3/14/20)




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Intro cartoon by: Jeff Block (YouTube – Cre80s)
Intro Music by – 84 Nash “Sandful Of Hand”, “Cinnamon Block” and “Megatroid In Megacity”


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Dion'S Clovis Nm - BUDDY HOLLY Crash Site & SURF BALLROOM The Day The Music Died

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  1. This is a great tour and video of this historic place . My wife and I had the privilege of being there on the night of Feb. 3, 2009, at the"50 Winters Later" show. Amazing experience. Came back the next day and saw all things things you pointed out (phone booth, stood on the stage, etc). The we went to the crash sight, only a few miles from the Surf. I wanted to mention that Waylon Jennings, years later, wrote a tribute song to Buddy called "Old Friend". It is well worth taking a listen to and shows Waylon's lifelong allegiance to his friend Buddy. Thanks again for the tour.

  2. Jordan I just visited all of this last month and it was my favorite place to go, just like you I grew up watching these films and always wanted to Come out. It was one of the best experiences of my life and I wanted to thank you for inspiring me to do so

  3. Possibly the best tribute to these three Rock n Roll icons that I have seen. Well done on the production, it had an emotional impact on me and probably most of the people who have watched this. Surely the most tragic episode of Rock n Roll ever!

  4. The Surf Ball Room is like a relic from a wonderful bygone era The only ballrooms I can think of these days are elaborate venues that hold wedding receptions and other big events. Most places that feature live music are seated concert halls and arenas If people go dancing now, its usually out to a club.
    A big rectangular mid century building with a large open dancefloor and stage is fairly rare nowadays. If it wasn't for the fact that this was the site of three legendary rock performers' final show, I think there's a good chance that the Surf Ballroom might have closed down or been turned into another type of business years ago. It's ironic that a terrible tragedy might be what has kept the doors open all these years

  5. Beautiful tribute, and moving video! The Surf Ballroom is a treasure chest. On a sad note, the Big Bopper's leopard print jacket that he wore on stage for the whole tour, as well as his Stetson hat, were stolen from the tour bus at some point after the crash. The ballroom shows his necktie and clothing tag displayed on a swatch of similar print, but the actual jacket was stolen. There's footage of his son asking whether it might be in the casket, in the exhumation video, and it wasn't. So sad — the family would love to have those items back, even all these years later.

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