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Jamie loves Roast Beef, and we hope you do too! Here he gives us all the tips and tricks to make sure you get your beef spot on every time, no matter what cut you’re using. This guide to prepping, searing, roasting and resting your meat will mean your beef is the best ever, perfect to go with roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings and all the trimmings. For everything else you need, head to JamieOliver.com. Enjoy!

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Dutch Quality Stone - How to Cook Perfect Roast Beef | Jamie Oliver

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  1. Your recipe on the site says to put at high heat first, but you don't mention braising it I am assuming this high heat is only for searing and not needed if braising. Please clarify. You also say one temp here and another on the site

  2. How do you avoid your roast from going cold resting it that long? Would you maybe crank the oven to 500 and set it in for a couple minutes just before slicing? or can you let it rest in the oven on the warm setting?

  3. Oh my gosh! This is is the best meal ever and I just ordered the "Together" cookbook. I loved his episode of Selena + Chef too, that chicken and the potatoes with the "fatty sagey gorgeousness"! This was the absolute best prime rib I've ever had though. Making it next time I have guests. 🙂

  4. Nusr et is better. Quality meat is £50 a pound, the one is sold in supermarkets are junk, I dont know where they find those meat, they must be brought from Africa, they make us eat dead wild animal carcases. There are too many Russian billionaires in Britain they eat all the quality meats we eat all the junk.

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