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Earls Tysons Corner – UPDATE – Boycott Earls Restaurants!

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Sheila Gunn Reid provides an encouraging update on her Earl’s boycott. To watch her video explaining what it’s all about, go to MORE

Earls restaurants must abandon their cynical U.S.
marketing ploy based on pseudoscience and myths,
and buy ethical, delicious Canadian beef once again.
SIGN the Petition: www.boycottearls.ca

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Earls Tysons Corner - UPDATE - Boycott Earls Restaurants!

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  1. i'm for alberta farmers, but i'm also for "No antibiotics, no steroids, no growth hormones". the best outcome would be for alberta farmers to oblige, and for the government to facilitate by not making it impossible.

    "According to Earls’ website, while it has always used Canadian beef for its popular
    steak and hamburger items, its increasing commitment to “conscious
    sourcing” prompted the company to look for a Canadian producer who could
    supply it with Certified Humane beef. The chain’s website says it
    searched for months but was unable to find a suitable,
    federally-inspected Certified Humane® producer to meet its needs and
    decided to chose a supplier in Kansas for its beef."

    see that "®" at the end of Certified Humane® ? that means it's a company name; whether or not it is actually about "humane" treatment of animals is not indicative. antibiotics, steroids, and hormones is more about quality. so, if there is an actual regard for humane treatment – i'm for that too. first step: no halal.

  2. This is insanely misleading! It's as though you are demonstrating your cynical contempt for your viewers, right to their faces! It's as though you don't respect that they might, possibly, have read Earl's stance themselves, specifically, that their intention is to source meat that has been certified by an independent third party organization as having met the strictures of being both organic and humane! Earl's has specifically stated they wanted to source Alberta beef, but their demand outweighed the supply! They've also said they intend to revert to Alberta beef once they can meet the demand! Excellent reporting, though! The production quality easily surpasses most sixth grade home movies!

  3. Freedom demands that businesses should be run without interference from rent seeking media prostitutes . I hope your campaign fails as Earls management shouldn't have to deal with you as not being a stakeholder in the business but just a busy body

  4. There seems to be no end to the shit kicking Alberta and the west is taking from liberals, OPEC and special interests.
    I see libtards on CBC and social media who are mocking & condemning producers, Alberta and anyone who stands up for beef producers.
    I never thought I'd see the day when people disrespect farmers and producers so much.
    Makes me sick and I swear if I heard it in person, I'd drop them.

  5. I'm from Saskatchewan and yes Earls should be buying there beef products locally to support the local economy and it helps lower the environmental costs but it is there choice as well. But as a consumer it is our choice to eat at there establishment to. I thought cattle raised in Alberta are pasture fed in the spring summer. I would like earls to tell the farmers what practices they disapprove in because I don't see a dialogue just a publicity stunt they dreamed up. We only serve humane grown beef. What an insult to the local public and they want locals the eat at there restaurants lol.

  6. I just watched the longer version of this video by this reporter girl. She explained how getting the title humanely produced costs $600 per inspection. That's bs… just let the animals graze in an open field and show Earl's by live video feed whenever they request, to see that they humanely raise the animals and Earl's SHOULD be ok with that. Fuck they should prefer that to the bs rip off inspections. You can livestream anything for free on demand. Fuck those assholes that charge $600 per inspection visit! Livestream on demand the humanity in raising!

  7. ok,it's a racket FOR SURE, and I signed your petition. But an even bigger racket is kosher and that effects every country in the world. Literally. It adds, well I forget, but I was shocked when I looked into it. Let's not get bullied by people who call us names that most of us aren't and stop ALL of the crybullies who play on our kindness and genorocity no matter their race, creed or religion.

  8. wow this is just sad, wanting to force a company that has every right to get their resources from anywhere in the world, if they want to spend more money to buy their meat from another country, that is their right you don't like it then don't go, but nooo you got to try and force them to do something they don't want to do because you don't like it, god that is just sad

  9. Murricans does do cattle farmers. Murricans should support Earl's, because….

    Oh wait that means…..

    Canadians are stealing Murrican Beef! Make them support thier own farms. Murricans like thier superior Beef….


    Sorry I couldn't resist shitposting.

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