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It has a big, bulbous head, beady black eyes, and eight squirming tentacles. It’s an octopus. And these diners in South Korea are ready to eat it … while it’s still alive.
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Would You Eat Live Octopus? | National Geographic

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Eating Live Octopus - Would You Eat Live Octopus? | National Geographic

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  1. Why? Why why and WHY torture this beautiful creature? The only "tradition" is the shock value that was the only historical purpose which was "Shock". Not only is it inhumane it is stupid and unsafe because these animals have suction of unearthly powers and people have died when the suction grips the throat on swallowing. Cannot feel sorry of the stupid, inhumane, and absurdity in the barbaric sick ego who gets off swallowing live animals.

  2. Eating an ALIVE animal is beyond barbaric!
    Animals feel sad,happy, angry, depressed or hurt like us, just because they can't talk, it doesn't mean they can't feel what we feel.
    They're SMART animals,each of them has an individual personality!

    Did you know when they're sleep they may have dreams?
    Then how can you do this to them??

    PLEASE for the love of anything or anyone that you believe in, STOP doing this.

  3. Any person who tries to eat an Octopus live is committing horrendous cruelty against the most intelligent animal in the world!! Has any human on here watched My Octopus Teacher? This action is inhumane!

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