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Fat Ugly People – "Why People Are Mad You're Ugly" | The Biases of Beauty

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📝 Feather, N. T. (2006). Deservingness and emotions: Applying the structural model of deservingness to the analysis of affective reactions to outcomes.
📝 NT Feather; Katherine Nairn (2005). Resentment, envy, schadenfreude, and sympathy: Effects of own and other’s deserved or undeserved status.
📝Feather, N. T. (1999). Values, achievement, and justice: Studies in the psychology of deservingness. New York: Kluwer Academic/ Plenum.

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Fat Ugly People - "Why People Are Mad You're Ugly" | The Biases of Beauty

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  1. 3:52 "Beauty cannot be subjective, at least not PURELY subjective" 12:07 "There's no such thing as [PURELY] subjective beauty standards, it's really a mix of both (objective & subjective)
    Explained why here: https://qoves.com/can-physical-beauty-be-improved/

    How social media affects perceptions of beauty (subjective): https://youtu.be/XGmu1ktgOBE
    Cross-cultural agreement on beauty (objective): https://youtu.be/Q2afARZAiLI
    Role of colonialism in beauty standards (subjective): https://youtu.be/dzqM0e09CZc
    Evolutionary explanations for beauty (objective):
    Beauty standards across different cultures (subjective): https://youtu.be/dX3avOI-cGE / https://youtu.be/8s27q47qInA

    Please stop with the long paragraphs on why beauty is not 100% objective, that is not what I am saying. We are against the idea that beauty is 100% subjective, that does not mean that there is still not a strong element of subjectivity, just not as strong as you may believe.

  2. can you do an analysis of what makes Vergil from devil may cry attractive, especially his latest incarnation? he has perfectly symmetrical and flawless features in 3 but really garnered a more obsessive following with his more flawed, aged face in 5 and i find that interesting.

  3. Had a realisation that most of my friends and cousins don’t like that I’m pretty and successful. Yeah pretty privilege exists but I’ve had to work extra hard to get to where I am. I’m not even that beautiful and yet i receive a lot of jealousy and sabotage.

  4. I'm glad more and more people are pointing out biases and downright foul treatment toward those considered ugly. I'm exhausted. I've been trying and trying, but people want to be in denial or gaslight. Then there's people who barge in, when they're not ugly, they're just considered unattractive by some people. There IS a difference!

  5. Most people don't understand that a average looking person with charming personality is always better than a super sharp person with no personality.
    And yes conventional beauty can give you a lot of compliment from strangers but will that really matter after you lived a certain years with this? Compliment is obviously good, but if it is always for your face and body, it can hurt you too after sometime. Like you will feel it's the only thing you got. You will feel irritated and won't enjoy this like the way they advertise.

    The only super power is having a sharp outlook with brain and great achievements to talk about. Then you will enjoy the social hierarchy benefits with full satisfaction.
    On the other hand, I really feel in our whole life journey we got very few people who are very close to us and really matters. So after you cross a certain age or got someone who loves you, the compliments really don't matter.

  6. Beauty standards change ovetime. Even then, someone could find something attractive that someone else doesn't.

    You focus on self improvement to become more attractive, yet when someone has a subjective opinion of someone's attractiveness, you say they're "overrating" them.

    People have opinions based on what they grew up around/where they live. There can be as many evolutionarily physically attractive traits, but whether those apply can vary to someone. What if someone DOES find someone attractive that doesn't fit these standards? Are you going to tell them they're lying just to make the other person feel better?

    I know that subjective traits and evolutionary traits overlap, but your blunt and sometimes mean tone don't bring that through.

    You shouldn't bully people over how they look. Yet in your video about the workplace in South Korea, you demonized the western world for being too accepting and not open to plastic surgery. So should people be accepted, or pressured into getting expensive plastic surgeries to cater to beauty standards?

    You also pointed out that a lot of traits are universally accepted as attractive among all ethnicities. That's probably true, but that's ignoring the fact that racism can affect someone's opinion of who is attractive or not, which is a learned thing.

  7. 0:26 yes, this is w everything financial status, race, looks etc. Ppl don't like seeing someone who they percieve as lower on the hierarchy than them having more confidence/success/praise than them. They can even punish you for it. Jealousy, envy etc. can make ppl do crazy things. Thats why I move accordingly bc I know how ppl view me in this world.

  8. Yes, there is most definitely a standard for what is seen as ugly or pretty. However, it is only true in a human materialistic view of reality. Like for example, God sees an “ugly” person as a beautiful creation. Like how dogs and cats see totally different colors than we do. Reality has many angles. If we could see from a spiritual perspective of truth, I believe our eyes would be open to perceive that we all were beautifully and carefully crafted. And the people who thought they were better or worse for their position on the beauty power structure will see that they were deluded. I think that beauty is objective from our angle of reality on this earth. But beyond our perception of reality, beauty can be seen completely differently.
    Jesus was described as “marred”. “He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.” So Jesus was low on society’s power pyramid. But he is a beautiful man, he loved and cared for and healed people. So in reality, Jesus is the most beautiful. But when he was on earth, people probably judged his outside appearance from the human perception of reality.

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