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In this episode, something BIG is aFOOT. Coyote and the crew are on-location in Canada searching for the elusive Sasquatch. In 1967, Patterson and Gimlin changed the world with the alleged first “real proof” of Bigfoot… until now? Coyote may have found something in the British Columbia backcountry that could change history as we know it…

Join us on this hypothetical what-if scenario where Coyote “finds a Bigfoot skull”.

Thank you to Meredith Joyce-Houghton for creating the incredible artwork in this episode! IG: @joycehoughtoncreative

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Find A Grave Wv - Bigfoot Skull Found in Canada?

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  1. A real skull would not have that many teeth still attached it's not possible that's not how real teeth are. They're very fragile and become detached very easily after tissue decays ESPECIALLY if it were submerged long enough for all of the flesh to decompose like that. Totally BS that they would post this and feign so much concern and act so dramatically over it. Childish. Also the hole in the side of the head is not a bullet hole it's too clean lmao zero cracking for calving. Probably a prop and the hole is for suspension for some reason. I bones are very light and brittle too I highly doubt it would be as heavy as it seems to be in this.

  2. Bro i think that’s an orangutan skull in the thumbnail lol. Take a look at where the eyebrows would be on the skull, for example. It’s kinda poofy there, right? Now look at an orangutan’s head with skin, muscle, bone, everything. Now do you see? Also look at the nose/lips area. Same thing there as well… poofy.

  3. If that is a big foot skull don't you think it was buried there for a reason? I mean what if you just dug up and took from a native American burial ground. I heard somewhere that some Indian tribes will bury the remains of animals they've killed by things like rivers and streams to so there spirits can pass on. I'm sorry if I scare anyone with this comment. But Coyote if you read this I hope you put the skull back after you do because there might be a chance you put a native curse on yourself.

  4. You'll never find it! A moose weighing more than 300 kg moves much quieter than you. You talk all the time. Walk along the paths of animals or people, in general, you do everything not to find him. To find it, you need to spend a couple of weeks alone (two at most) in the forest. Never stop for the night near a campfire. To put photo traps around the overnight stay 40 meters away! If it's just the two of you, take turns sleeping, one before 2:00, the second after. If one, then go to bed while it's light, get up at 2-3:00.

  5. I'm going to comment here as well because some of you "loyal" fans got on my nerves a bit. This video is apart of a psa, and he explains that in the next vid, so I hope you understand that he didn't lie to us, and was trying to educate us. I get it, he clickbaited us BUT, and a very big but, clickbait is not the worse thing in the world, some of you are overreacting over clickbait. He clickbaited us but he didn't lie to us. and I'ma say it here too.

    It's like you all saw this very clear, and beuatiful pond with calm glistening water, and you see one plastic bottle in it and it's no longer beuatiful to ya'll. He built up his career for years bringing authentic content to you all, and you are telling me one clickbaity psa was enough for you all to be mad at him? The good outweigh the bad in this sitaution but some of you don't see it that way, because one bad is enough to outweigh 721 goods (that's the amount of vids he's uploaded aside from the last vid(this one). I didn't count this cause ya'll see it as bad) Some of ya'll are ungrateful, and not very appreciative.

    Also I just rewatched and some of you look even more shittier now. Watch at 10:12. Guess some of y'all can't pay attention. I'm also going to rub it in with the description of the video too. It's more disappointing to see how many conclusions y'all jumped to, and y'all are disappointed in him, If I were him I'd be disappointed in y'all.

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