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– Carlos Samaniego discusses what to do if you owe the Franchise Tax Board Money? Do not ignore letters. If you have state tax problems,

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  1. I never got a notice until they just took money out of my account and my whole check. I do not owe the debt. They are saying a leased a car. I never had. How am I going to prove something I didn't do? At this point, I can never own anything. I cannot work because they will take it all. They will not negotiate. Whatever they take does not come off of what they say I owe.

  2. Hi Carlos. I lived in California for a year to chill after retiring in 2013, then moved back to
    my previous state. I never worked a day, or filed an exemption of any kind in the state. Yet
    the CFTB sends me a bill for three grand. Someone most likely took my SS# and used it for
    an exemption. I sent them the necessary stolen ID forms to no avail. They just ignore those,
    and continue sending the bill. They are not looking into this matter, but just banking on me
    paying money I do not owe them. I have not worked sine the end of 2013, and lived in
    California in 2014, which is the tax year that they are claiming. How can someone owe taxes
    when the person has not worked, or filed a tax return for that year? This tax board has all the
    info, and I have just a bill. I understand most of their letters are legit, but in this economy right
    now, those not making enough are going to deceive the government to live in the most
    expensive state in the country. That being California. I've worked in one state my whole life,
    so how does one owe taxes for not working, or filing a tax return in another state? This should
    be simple to solve, because I always received money back from the IRS while working a retail
    job. They need to close this fraudulent account. California got scammed by one of their working
    citizens, and they have no clue who did this. But they have all the information, or paperwork that
    they do not want to investigate, mainly because they have thousands, upon thousands of cases
    such as mine no doubt. Thanks.

  3. Great content. Question on a different topic. I have stock options that have vested in a start-up company in CA. I plan to sell them in the future, but at the time of sale I will be at least two years a resident of North Carolina. Since I will be out of CA for two tax years with no ties to CA, how would the FTB know I sold my options? Thanks for the help!

  4. I made a mistake on my return by over-stating my withholding when filling the 1040 using the W2s. As the result, I owe extra money to FTB. I called them and figured out it was my mistake, but they said I still owe them that money even though it was based on my mistake. It seems like they want money that's not theirs because I made a mistake. What can I do?

  5. They don't give an option to state that you do not have any income. They do not give an option to state you do not have to file income tax. And they do not have an option to state that you are exempt. They state that PennyMac reported false information keep escrow. PennyMac has a long recorded corrupt history of intentional wrongdoings. Is This a criminal scam to financially exploit disabled Veterans? They sent it out on Memorial Day. And you said they are above the law, then why aren't they being held criminally accountable. Or is this a criminal personal attack that needs to be legally dealt with and hold accountable? Why is PennyMac still in business.

  6. Hey Carlos, I had a company in CA between 2018-2019. I dissolved my company and moved out the country. But my accounts are still open and I got an letter from bank on 03/03/21 which is about CA franchise tax board, the bank is holding my money. I called the number which is CA FRANCHISE tax board but I couldn’t reach them. Could you please help me? I’m in a hard situation and I don’t know why its happen. Please help me. Thanks

  7. so i just did my taxes for this year like 2 weeks ago and today i received money from the California franchise tax board, is this separate from my refund i’m supposed to be getting or is this all of it

  8. I got evicted my social security check was tooken electronic withdrawal why does California Franchise Tax Board I've been arrested numbers occasional wife been put on the street for 30 days at a time and assaulted by these nut what am I going to get back I a tent

  9. They're not gonna get their money… they get 10x in damages to say the least… No justice no peace! They're trying to tell me that I owe over $14,000 based on the license I held during that year, even though I was homeless… FTB people are criminals with authority and need to be stopped. I don't support this system. I'll war against it even if it'll cost my life.

  10. Thanks for the info .. I received a letter from ftb .. didn't Know what to do but thanks to your video I got on it ..I called them and I was able to get the problem solved.. I also called the number you gave out to try to get help from you and I was surprised to get a phone call from you not even 30 minutes later.. once again thank you for your video..

  11. I M homeless most of the time I’m a street performer, this agency froze my account. Said something bout a liscense in 2007 which may be for a pedi cab job I had for a week.
    They are assuming I made 41k I only made like three or four hundred bucks.
    They reversed the freeze but are giving my Til the 27th of sept. So what should I do. I had like forty bucks, which is nothing which is usually what I have I’m really scared

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