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From The Earth. – UN food chief warns of ‘hell on earth’ food lows

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The war in Ukraine, the on-going pandemic, rise in inflation and climate change have led to over 300 million people living on the brink of starvation said the Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Program David Beasley. (September 22)

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From The Earth. - UN food chief warns of ‘hell on earth’ food lows

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  1. This is about Global corporations crying. Globalization makes farmers in Africa grow rice, float it around the world, and then not be able to afford their own rice they grew. This is nonsense as the soil isn't that depleted. It's fear mongering. If Russia loses the war, they will be more than happy to sell fertilizer. Putin should not have started the war. There won't be a fertilizer shortage. This is a lie.

  2. Typical republican fear mongering. This is AFTER and during a harvest. Planting isn't until Spring. This is pro-Russia conquering the Ukraine. Meanwhile Texas will be rich selling LNG and the USA will get rich selling food and fertilizer. Meanwhile fertilizer will have to be found locally or be solved by the time Spring comes.

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