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Gold Aero Aviation Llc – NEW! Bede Aero SE – FACTORY TOUR – 2021 Aircraft

Pots NEW! Bede Aero SE – FACTORY TOUR – 2021 Aircraft on the topic of Gold Aero Aviation Llc You’re getting a lot of attention, aren’t you? !!
Today, let’s Canadian Orange Historical Site learn about NEW! Bede Aero SE – FACTORY TOUR – 2021 Aircraft in today’s post!

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Introduce about NEW! Bede Aero SE – FACTORY TOUR – 2021 Aircraft

NEW! Bede Aero SE – FACTORY TOUR – 2021 Aircraft that are “in production” and which ones will NOT be in production for the future. All in this episode!
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  1. In 2000 I had the pleasure of putting two flights on an old builder's BD-5B. I had to pinch myself that I was not sitting in high school English class 1984 bored to tears looking at Homebuilt Aircraft magazine reading about the BD-5. I consider it to be one of the pinnacle aircraft I have flown. Happy to see they are still in business.

  2. I remember seeing a BD5J flight demo at a Pt Magu airshow in the mid 80's I think it wzs. Very impressive. It came in hot and went vertical so quickly and just kept climbing. It almost seemd that it had no airspeed bleed off, VERY COOL !!!

  3. I was lucky enough to find a complete BD-5 kit back in 1988, so I picked it up for just $1500. I owned a IFR 172 at the time (in N. Miami, FL area) but really wanted a fast “toy” to play with on weekends. The plan was to build it a little at a time in some extra warehouse space we had at the airport.

    Unfortunately those kits had no predrilled rivet holes so lot of time to jig was needed. When I lost my hanger during the early ‘90’s “depression”, I reluctantly decided to sell all the half finished pieces. I often wonder if the guy who bought it ever finished and flew it, you see so very few of them ever get completed and into the air.

    Still sad about the one that got away, I guess I have to go to Ft Pierce and check out the single seater in the video. Happy flying guys. ✈️

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