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Golden Teacher Shrooms – How to Make Sterilized OAT Grain Jars for Mushroom Growing

Pots How to Make Sterilized OAT Grain Jars for Mushroom Growing on the topic of Golden Teacher Shrooms You’re getting a lot of attention, aren’t you? !!
Today, let’s Canadian Orange Historical Site learn about How to Make Sterilized OAT Grain Jars for Mushroom Growing in today’s post!

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In today’s class, I will show you how I prepare whole oats for grain spawn using a pressure cooker.

0:00 Intro
0:45 Start of Oat Prep
3:03 Checking the Grain Moisture
4:15 Unmodified Lid Explanation
5:24 Pressure Cooking the Grains
8:30 Jars done
9:10 FAQ
9:45 Patreon Shoutouts

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  1. This dude is a legend. Watching his videos over and over again as a beginner trying to learn as much as humanely possible! Have my first broke boi going right now, and in a few paychecks I want to get a pressure cooker and step my game up! Thanks PGT

  2. Good video. I use rye normally but I am going to try oats. Oats are about half the cost of rye grain. I also actually pressure can my grain in my 30 qt pressure canner and keep the sealed jar on the shelf. I do this so that I have sterile grain for grain to grain expansion or to innoculate a single jar from agar plates. The way to prevent contamination when the vacuum is released is to cover the jar with a few layers of a tight weave cotton cloth that has been saturated with 70% rubbing alcohol and open in a still air box. The canning process allows me to sterilize and seal 14 qts at a time. The sealed jars will stay sterile as long as the seals remain intact.

  3. Will the little packets of oatmeal with marshmallow dinosaurs work?? Seriously though, theres a dude on YT with a growing mush biz in TN who does something with the oats to make them just begin fermenting- is this fermentation beneficial for all or just some varieties?

  4. I have a 50 lb bag of whole oats, boiled some in a pot for 30 min to increase water content, put into jars and steam sterilized for 2 hours. Inoculated about a week ago and no mycelium in any of the 20 jars. Did I maybe do something wrong? Normally I see bits of mycelial growth about a week or so in, nothing in any of them. Call me a worry wart but I’m hoping it all didn’t go to waste

  5. I wish I watched this episode before I started my first inoculation last week. So many good small details like the napkin test I've never come across beforw. Although I think the way I did it will work out. It's so exciting to see the mycellium beginning to grow on jars made. I'm super excited to move on to the next step and finally see my first mushroom grow after a month of studying all this information.

    Thanks for another great video!

  6. I had to stop halfway through the sterilization process. PC started leaking. I ordered a new gasket. Can I re- sterilize and start the 90 minutes again or just do 45 minutes? It will take about 5 days before the new gasket arrives. I'm assuming the oats will still be good since they are basically canned and should last several weeks.

  7. These have been so helpful. I started out with grow bags and didn't have much success.

    Then, watched some of your videos on grain jars and boom, success! Good lesson that you don't have to spend a bunch of $$$ on all-one-grow bags and simpler is better (and cheaper).

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