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Good People Coffee – 9 Coffee YouTubers & Their Favourite Coffee Shops (Our *WORLD* Coffee Trip)

Pots 9 Coffee YouTubers & Their Favourite Coffee Shops (Our *WORLD* Coffee Trip) on the topic of Good People Coffee You’re getting a lot of attention, aren’t you? !!
Today, let’s Canadian Orange Historical Site learn about 9 Coffee YouTubers & Their Favourite Coffee Shops (Our *WORLD* Coffee Trip) in today’s post!

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Introduce about 9 Coffee YouTubers & Their Favourite Coffee Shops (Our *WORLD* Coffee Trip)

Is it the biggest collab of Coffee YouTubers so far? Since we can’t travel, we asked our talented friends to visit their favourite local coffee shop and share it with us. It’s our first virtual coffee trip around the world.

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1 – European Coffee Trip (
2 – The Nomad Barista (
3 – Sébastien Kardinal (
4 – coffeesomething (
5 – The Real Sprometheus (
6 – The Coffee Chronicler (
7 – Coffeeness (
8 – Coffeefusion (
9 – beany (

0:00 Coffee YouTubers on (Virtual) World Coffee Trip
0:39 Brno, Czech Republic (Chleba)
2:07 Hamilton, Canada (The Cannon)
4:06 Paris, France (Grounded)
5:54 Siegen, Germany (Roestwelt Kaffeekult)
7:58 San Diego, United States (Lofty Coffee Co.)
10:06 Chiang Mai, Thailand (Bay’s Coffee Co.)
12:10 Limassol, Cyprus (TRIBE Coffee Roasters)
13:29 Perth, Australia (Sinamon)
15:04 Budapest, Hungary (Dorado Cafe)
16:20 Thank you!

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  1. i'm partway through but i just wanted to say what an AMAZING experience this video is. i haven't delved into all of the coffee youtubers, i only just know this channel and hoffman, but would love to find more creators i like. everyone has their own vibe, way of discussion, and topics. i enjoy it a lot.

    i love the idea of seeing the coffeeshops in different countries, even as a recurring segment (not sure if this has been done, only that i haven't seen it yet). not just for the coffee but for bits of culture, history, presentation of the coffee or foods, and the DESIGN AND ARCHITECTURE! 😀

    i loved the look of the one in germany, and also from what i could see of the one that does charity once a year. and also getting to meet these other coffee aficionados.

    for some reason, it almost feels like traveling with a friend. 🙂 maybe because there is a sense of "sharing the experience". now i know it is way after this has been posted… and covid isn't the same as it was… but it keeps popping up so in some ways feels like we never kind of got out of lockdown. (i'm one of the few people who still wears a mask). i really look forward to the time when i can travel again. i was going to visit france and amsterdam then covid was announced days after i had my basic travel itinerary set up and was starting to look at tickets.

    anyway, great channel. love you guys. : )

  2. Great!! I really loved it as a coffee lover and operator… One thing I really miss during this pandemic is being able to sit at the coffee shop. In Toronto no inside sitting is allowed for over a year now… Although my coffee shop in Shenzhen China operating normally. I just wanted add; this video should have had a mention a coffee shop in Turkey as the original place of coffee drinking. Maybe next time.

  3. Im from Hungary but live in Austria and im travelling the World more than 15 years, and a love coffee so much. One of my best place where i drank coffee was in Oslo, Norway. The name of the shop is "Kaffebrenneriet Dept Skovveien".. If you find someone who can make a video of that, gonna be awsome..
    I do a lot of Road Trips, and my final destinations are always coffee shops.. 🙂

  4. Great that you did this but all of these are white men. Where's the diversity? Where are the people of color? Where are the women and trans coffee YouTubers? Did you even reach out to them? I would really like to see more diversity on your channel in the future.

  5. This is such an amazing concept and i would love to see more!! If things close down again, you could even do coffee at home, current favourite roasters, new at home explorations, etc! AWESOME! thank you!

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