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Goodwill Winter Garden – Tassel Garland DIY | THRIFT FLIP ❤️ $5 Goodwill Challenge

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Goodwill Winter Garden - Tassel Garland DIY | THRIFT FLIP ❤️ $5 Goodwill Challenge

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  1. Wow! I never could learn how to crochet! I'm a lefty or southpaw and my Aunt tried to teach me and I just couldn't get it. I watched you close and it looked easy from your viewpoint, but nope, I still can't! I did try Christina! I did. Tysmfs! It wod be beautiful on a tree! Your home is gorgeous! Love you sweet friend. I have champagne taste on a water budget! It is what it is. Basically $10.00 is a lot for me to spend!!!

  2. Oh that's so beautiful! And such a great deal for yarn like that! Maybe you could hang another garland with red stained and white/natural wooden beads a little higher or lower to it for christmas? That might look cute (: greetings from Germany <3

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