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One of the best scenes from The Graduate by Mike Nichols (1967)

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Graduate Hotel Madison - The Graduate - pool scene

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  1. From 1:20 on is a pretty stellar visual explanation of disassociation: you feel disconnected from your body/your body doesn't fit like normal, you can't process what people are saying to you, you have trouble connecting with your surroundings, your perception is limited, you lose all sense of direction, your movements seem sluggish and awkward, given the choice you'd like to hold perfectly still and not think and not have anything happen.

  2. People don't realize how true this scene is. What it means, His parents are dressing him up for society and the "real world" that he doesn't want to go to. They dress him up in a scuba suit(which has significance), and then the camera shot goes to inside his mask as  he starts looking out through the world from his mask, he dives into the pool a metaphor for being trapped underwater, trapped under the weight and mind of society and when he tries to come up for air his parents push him back down showing what society passes down through the generations, sins of the father passing down. The truth relating to conscious life has been revealed, the truth can and will change everything, Google Truth Contest and read the top entry.

  3. When Ben is in the pool, he is exactly like how he is when he saw that action figure in the fishbowl. As Ben is in the pool, the camera shot is tightened, he is trapped, and his father is dominating him. He is trapped by himself, other adults, parents, his life and a uncertain future.

  4. The movie is about growing up and struggling to find out what you want in life. Ben is confused, and simply wants to be himself, surround himself with what makes him happy and not just do what is expected of him. In this scene Ben's father keeps pushing him back into the water, and i'd like to think that that symbolizes his parents keep holding him down in a larger sense. In life. That because of his parents and what they expect of him, he can't get up to "breathe".

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