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Grand Theatre Bismarck – Painting the Bismarck in 1/2400

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Are you looking for tips on how to paint 1/2400 ships? How about ideas for basing your miniature ships to make water and wave effects? We’re excited to welcome Mark Fastoso back to the channel to learn how he painted his Panzerschiffe models for his “Sink the Bismarck” game.

And if you haven’t seen that game quite yet, be sure to check it out next:

Don’t forget–Mark is giving away the Bismarck he painted in this tutorial for free! Details at the end of the video on how to add this ship to your collection….

Here at Little Wars TV we love showcasing the great work other historical wargaming clubs are doing. If you want to see more from Mark’s Game Room in the future, just us know in the comments below!

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Grand Theatre Bismarck - Painting the Bismarck in 1/2400

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  1. Mark just wanted to say very nice tutorial, you got a great effect using an easy techniques and inexpensive materials and models. Feels like something I could do myself which is inspiring. I plan on getting the WW1 version of GQ and start naval gaming.

  2. I'm a bit confused bout the scale of the models. The ship fits on the base done with 3 DBx bases 4×3. It makes the whole base length 9cm. The Bismark length was 251 meters. Which will be 10.4cm in 1/2400. The model length in the video is about 8cm.

  3. Hi Mark, Admin Chris here from the Naval Wargaming group on Facebook. Thank you so much for this instructional; I learned a lot. I don't use Panzerschiff models, but I think your method is equally applicable to my Navwar minis. First time I learned how to use GW Nuln Oil! My son used to use it when he was into Warhammer 40K, and I have it now. Regrettably, he doesn't do any wargaming now, and it's good to see your young son getting involved.

  4. I like your channel but I can’t help but think you put out more consistent battle reports in the past.
    Has something changed?

    Perhaps I stumbled into the he channel when your library was full, and then enjoyed the backlog

    All in all, more games please and less painting/DIY videos

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