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Great Western Tire – Big O Tires | West Kelowna Tire Shop Review (250) 769-5909

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Introduce about Big O Tires | West Kelowna Tire Shop Review (250) 769-5909

In this West Kelowna tire shop review you will find out about Big O Tires 250 769-5909

I have been racing cars for a long time and Big O in West Kelowna/Westbank has always been a partner in those activities.

I have been thrilled not only with the tire service but the mechanical service they give. It is a small family run operation that gives you exactly what you would expect – great service at an affordable price which is why I wanted to share a West Kelowna tire shop review with you.

Any visitor to Big O can expect to get quality service, good advice and a quote that will not break the bank but is appropriate for your needs. At the end of the day the store simply wants to keep you safe and make a living doing just that. They pride themselves on the quality of their service and their good reviews. That is why I felt I should add a West Kelowna Tire shop review also.

Tire selection is crucially important to your safety on the road and for me it can be the difference between winning or losing. That is why I choose Big O to partner with me in the rally events I compete in. As a championship winning rally driver, I am careful with the reviews that I give out but in this instance, the West Kelowna Tire Shop review is entirely justified.

“I called Tony and asked if he could do a front wheel alignment in a hurry on my Grandsons Accord. “Bring it down and we will take a look” he said. I did and explained the vibration in the steering and pull to the right. 15 minutes later he reported the right front tire was coming apart and none of the tires matched or were in good shape. Wanting to make it safe for a short period he switched tires around, put two new ones on the front, told me I did not need an alignment and explained several other concerns he had. Very polite, fair, no pressure and I was out of there in an hour. I will be back and will tell my friends. Thanks Tony.”

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Great Western Tire - Big O Tires | West Kelowna Tire Shop Review (250) 769-5909

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