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Healthy Blue Nebraska – 11 Easy Edible Plants for Beginner Foragers- Eating Wild Food

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Food is growing freely and abundantly all around us, but many of us walk past this food every day without ever noticing. In this video I share 11 easy plants to help you begin foraging along with some of my basic tips to help you comfortably get started. I’m here to help you realize that our food doesn’t have to come from the grocery store. It can come from our own communities and we can produce and harvest our food in a sustainable manner.
Here is the list of plants in this video:
See my beginner’s guide to foraging:
Find a forager to learn from in your region:

Edited by Daniel Saddleton
Filmed by Ornella Le Rouzic – @ornellalr on Instagram –

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His YouTube channel is a source to educate, inspire and help others to live more sustainable, equal and just lives. Videos frequently cover sustainable living, simple living, growing your own food, gardening, self-sufficiency, minimalism, off the grid living, zero waste, living in a tiny house and permaculture.

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Healthy Blue Nebraska - 11 Easy Edible Plants for Beginner Foragers- Eating Wild Food

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  1. Very good video, easy to understand format. However, I wish it was done elsewhere! Possibly in the Caribbean, or somewhere here on the North American continent.
    Other than that, I wish you luck on your channel. Hope you get monetized, with more success.

  2. The stinging nettle should not be eaten when it's already grown like you did here you should make people aware that some substance of it turns into crystals that can mess your kidneys up! So you would pick it and eat it only when it's barely sprouted a few inches and young plant in the top of it! Putting out the information the way you did is dangerous to People's Health

  3. I found your page because of me limiting my space in my backpack for hiking. Born and raised in Philippines and i used to just take a lot from the trees and eat them,there is a fruit in Philippines,negros island called Tambis and salt and you are set to go. But over the years i moved here in new york and i adopted the environment here as a tattooer. I want to be able to identify eatable weeds again as i go back to trekking. I want to hear more about this,very informative.

  4. I'm not sure if they are, I've always called them 2nd generation dandelions, but usually in north America usually some time after dandelions turn to seed and disappear, what looks like a smaller thinner dandelion starts to grow, is this a dandelion and is it also edible?

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