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A vast ruined bath house, a fire-damaged poem and a world teetering on the brink of collapse.

In this episode, we look at the collapse of Roman Britain. Find out how a great civilization grew up almost overnight on the island of Britannia, how it endured the test of centuries against barbarian invasions and foolish rulers, and what happened after its final dramatic collapse.

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Shem Jacobs
Jacob Rollinson
Jake Barrett-Mills
Old English read by Dr. Rebecca Pinner

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  1. 9:43, " But when they reached the rugged heath and hills of Caledonia ( That's modern Scotland ) the Romans met their match. These lands were ruled by fierce confederations of tribes. Among them powerful warrior clans…etc. etc…" These are lies. These lies serve to propagate and reinforce the 'Social cancer' of North British – 'Scottish' – separatism which is already advanced in the process of tearing the United Kingdom apart to the interests of neither the people of far North Britain nor those of us who live in the south. In the times of the empire and all times up until even 1600, there is no unified Cultural nor linguistic identity over the lands and islands now considered to constitute 'Scotland'. The real meet of the lie in this quote from the video is encapsulated in the term 'Ruled' and confederation. This implies some agreed order across for north Britain. Something like government and some UNITY across far north Britain. There is no central authority or government or even agreement and cordiality BETWEEN governmentS, no confederation, over all these territories at ANY TIME up to and including 1600. Infact the only common characteristic of all these territories is that they were the lands and islands of the British isles that were TO THE NORTH of the northernmost average – repeat AVERAGE – front of excess production supporting communications, transport links, government and ORDER. Naturally the Romans could not stretch to give order and the benefits of Roman rule and peace to these territories since the limits that stopped and set the front of British order here though the middle ages and early modern period, certainly stopped Rome too. Too poor to support government, too poor, too little excess production to support ROADS, of course the Romans couldn' take these far territories in . This is Nothing to do with the special fierceness of their tribes, This is a LIE. This propagates the myth of indomitable 'Scotland the Brave'. Naturally, if we accept this LIE, of the special fierceness of the indomitable tribes of the far northern territories we are reinforced in our false belief in 'Scotland the brave' and then it follows, that if Scotland is so fierce, so BRAVE, the rest of us Britons, the pathetic saps whom the Romans COULD subjugate, well, we are disgusting namby pamby imperialist lackeys HOLDING THE INDOMITABLE so called 'Scots' BACK! 

    next I want to deal with the naming lie. yep, I mean that. THE NAMIMG LIE: Within the territories of Far north Britain at some times there has been an 'office' given the hollow time of 'King of Scotland'. The holder of this hollow title, having a scant authority over a fraction of these territories identified as lacking any 'Rule' in the preceding paragraph having been called 'King of Scotland' since there was no other king – check this? Scandinavian petty 'kingdoms'? – in the territories has been assumed to represent these otherwise headless territories. the hollow office of King of Scotland existing in the territories beyond order in far north Britain has lead to a shift or usurpation from, "there is a ( Hollow ) office CALLED the 'King of Scotland' there " to, "that place is the 'Kingdom of Scotland " to, "ALL those territories are part of a 'Kingdom of Scotland' " . To Englishman accustomed to being able to afford the wealthy luxury of Kings *- just as our excess production, our WEALTH, once supported roman public baths, Roman Villas with underfloor heating, Roman ROADS, Roman Legions, it has been unfortunately seductive to use our expensive communications amongst ourselves to create a myth that the chaotic biting SERPENT of far north British disorder had a single HEAD! We created Scotland from our desire to see in this troublesome mess of a neighbouring zone of predatory disorder something like unto OURSELVES. There is NO KING OF SCOTLAND only a 'King' of Scotland. I doubt anyone in Sutherland or Skye was much aware they had a King down in Edinburgh or even Stirling back in 1550. If they knew, they knew it was irrelevant. Might aswell FORGET IT! We might aswell say that all Eurasia including SERICIA was the Kingdom of Germany because some tribal leader there was some so called king of some little patch called Germany and what did the Romans know of the land from which came the Seric Cloth.

    *See, by searching here on youtube ' '

  2. How come no one ever wrings their hands about these indigenous people & colonialism? What about their culture and why is it OK that they were replaced? Why aren't companies saying that they understand that they are on x tribal lands? Funny that

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