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Heather Hells Kitchen – Hell's Kitchen – Season 2, Episode 9 [S02E09]

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Challenge: The chefs were given twenty minutes to recreate Ramsay’s signature dish on taste alone. Virginia won, though Heather and Keith were disappointed with this, as they both believe she cheated by buying Ramsay’s recipe book the previous week and as she asked for ingredients the others had just finished using.

Reward/punishment: Ramsay gave Virginia tips on how to run a restaurant. Keith and Heather polished glasses and silverware.

Service: Each chef took a turn running the hot pass. Sous-chefs Scott and Mary-Ann, assisting with the cooking, were secretly instructed by Ramsay to make a deliberate mistake. Virginia got the night off to a bad start when she burned two orders of salmon and casually put them in the bin, infuriating Ramsay. In Keith’s turn at the pass, he spotted overcooked pasta, but his lack of authority meant that Heather ended up taking much control during his turn. Meanwhile, Virginia remained unresponsive to Keith’s orders, forgot what she was cooking and got overwhelmed on the fish station, confusing the rest of the kitchen’s timings. Heather led well at the pass, being vocal in giving out timings and controlling the kitchen. Keith sent up enough rice for one risotto instead of two, before openly arguing with Ramsay about this, leading Heather to stabilize the situation. Despite spotting the lumpy mashed potatoes, she failed to send them back to be recooked. Virginia got off to a slow start on the pass, leaving Keith and Heather unable to remember her orders. However, she rebounded and impressed Ramsay with her leadership, spotting bass in a dish instead of salmon.

Elimination: Ramsay asked the chefs to nominate one other person for elimination. Heather reconsidered her and Keith’s pact to eliminate Virginia, as Heather felt that Keith had been a particularly weak leader. Heather and Keith nominated Virginia and Virginia nominated Keith. Ramsay eliminated Keith for his poor leadership and his hostile attitude in service. After his elimination, Keith criticized Ramsay for his choice, accusing him of having a “hard-on” for Virginia. Ramsay however defended his choice, while arguing that Keith’s attack on him just proved he made the right decision. He said his farewells to Heather, though ignored Virginia. Keith did not receive a coat hanging or burning picture sequence.

Ramsay’s comment: “You got two choices. You run the team or the team runs you, and sadly, the team ran Keith. If Keith could only lose the attitude underneath all that, there’s one talented, talented cook.”

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Heather Hells Kitchen - Hell's Kitchen - Season 2, Episode 9 [S02E09]

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  1. I joined the season late but I don't get the hate. Virgina doesn't seem problematic. She worries what others think of her, she's not cocky or backstabbing and not a sore loser. She's humble and seems like she was always trying to work with the team. Who wants to hire someone with a piss poor jealous attitude like the others to run a brigade. They bring drama. Maybe Ramsay did favor her but the reality is that happens in life. Some people are just more likeable or have better qualities or work harder and give less attitude.

  2. Heather: tHe ReCiPe is In tHe bOoK

    So that means she also read the book, and failed to remember it, right? She is so unbelievably jealous. Still it's pretty obvious she is going to win. Virginia has talent but Heather was the best since episode one. Keith, with all due respect, doesn't come across as a smart person and Virginia does. I understand Ramsay's decision.

  3. C'est moche la jalousie, Heather ! tu dois valoir mieux que ça. Keith moins leader que Virginia ? Virginia plus que Keith pour diriger un resto ?!! euuuh, il avait fumé le chef ou quoi ? du pain béni pour la victoire d'Heather.

  4. This season a lot of people were simply better than the worst. That's the only reason I think people like Virginia and Sara stayed for so long. Heather has had talent from the beginning but once she went to the blue team she became complacent. Virginia has definitely been given favorites but she has been better than the worst – in addition to be very emotional and sometimes immature. Keith was good but also became complacent, and I think the sabotage against Garrett did him in. He simply didn't have the leadership and that's at least something Viriginia could do, albeit coincidentally she had coaching from Gordon through the one on one.

  5. Dude, Keith got basically kicked out because Gordon thought he "looked at him funny" and because Gordon was playing favorites. Saddest season. Glad they didn't make Virginia win at least. Fucking joke.

  6. On one hand, I can understand why Keith and Heather accusing Virginia of cheating is way out of line. Just because she won doesn't mean she cheated. However, on the other hand I can understand why they were mad. Virginia had performed very badly during every service but she still managed to win every challenge. Keith had won two challenges and Heather had won three, I can understand why they would be angry if an amateur chef kept beating them, but accusing them of cheating is again – a bit too far.

  7. keith really was better than virginia and i think he said well to ramsay right before he left. yeah it was a bit bitter but it was what i exactly thought while watching. BECAUSE WHAT THE FUCK IS VIRGINIA DOING ON THE FINALLLLLSSS

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