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Hell Let Loose Update – Stukas Incoming to Hell Let Loose Dev Brief 171 – Hell Let Loose Update

Pots Stukas Incoming to Hell Let Loose Dev Brief 171 – Hell Let Loose Update on the topic of Hell Let Loose Update You’re getting a lot of attention, aren’t you? !!
Today, let’s Canadian Orange Historical Site learn about Stukas Incoming to Hell Let Loose Dev Brief 171 – Hell Let Loose Update in today’s post!

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Update 12 news for Hell Let Loose! SUBSCRIBE for more content –

More Update 12 news for Hell Let Loose! Precision strikes which mean the Stukas, P47 and Il-2 are coming! An Ammo drop, a reworked Omaha Beach and more!

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Hell Let Loose Update - Stukas Incoming to Hell Let Loose Dev Brief 171 - Hell Let Loose Update

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  1. Though I like the initial sound of the Stuka approaching, I can't help but notice the old Stuka sound effect from the 1930's being mixed in with the new one, which I find very jarring. I seriously can't wait until they restore that one Stuka so that we have a present and clean sound reference instead of one that was recorded on a potatocorder.

  2. Great video,as a player who mainly tanks i see the new commander ability as a curse,its difficult to watch out for players around your vehicle and at times am constantly sacheled or taken out by a bazooka,tanking is going to be a nightmare.

  3. Damn that sucks about Omaha beach it’s not gonna feel right like another comment said it’ll completely kill immersion, the way it’s been feels like the first 20 mins of private ryan and I think it’s great for the game. I also think they should remove tanks for the Germans to make it a bit easier for attacking G.I.’s considering there were no panzers on d day Hitler slept til after noon on d day and nobody was allowed to mobilize any panzer units besides him so that would make it accurate and probably more balanced

  4. it concerns me that the devs continue to remove tanks and make a whole new tank to replace it. Such a waste of resources when we have had bugs for 2 years such as the Default loadout bug. The new tanks look great, yes but just leave the old one as an option so the time isn't wasted. I'm excited for the Omaha Warfare as that's the only mode I play!

  5. Thank you for doing this video.

    As far as the update goes it sounds all really cool. However I have to admit I have reservations about it because of some of the news articles I have read about the company Team17 which isn't sounding very good due to the fact that according to some news articles. It's employees are severely overworked and extremely underpaid to the point they can barely make a living and what they are doing and the CEO of the company doesn't really care and has earned the name of being a royal bitch. I also understand that many of their employees are being paid no more than 13,000 pounds per year which is horrible to hear considering that is barely enough money to live on especially in the country where the is being made.

    In addition, from other news I have heard there is huge problems happening in the Q&A where work is being done so sloppy many bugs have yet to be resolved and I think this development brief was only done to try and divert attention away from their real problems which is not going well for the game at all.

    Some of the bugs that I've heard that are occurring in the development is that when the commander calls in supply drops they come down by parachute and then start mid air to a point where it's impossible to retrieve the supplies. I also heard that some people who are testing the new updates on a different server that we don't know anything about our encountering invisible walls inside the game and the developer still has yet to address fixing the problem. It seems to me that ever since Team17 got ownership of the game bugs have been happening more than often and fixes are virtually nonexistent.

    However, I am hoping that maybe just maybe the company will clean up his act and start behaving like a developer should be behaving as opposed to acting like a child and not addressing the real problem at hand which is a CEO that is in charge should not be in charge of the company at all and it's only ruining the game for both its investors and the players playing it.

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