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Hell Let Loose Update – Update 12 Comparisons – Hell Let Loose

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Here we compare some new changes from Update 12 to the way they were previously in Hell Let Loose.

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Update12 Changelog:

00:00 Intro
00:17 Half-tracks
01:41 Tiger
02:00 PzIV
02:19 Luchs
02:45 Strafing Run
03:10 Stats Screen
03:25 Foy
05:02 PHL
06:39 Hurtgen
08:22 Kursk
10:09 Arty FX
10:27 MG42 Bullets
11:00 Flesh&Blood
11:20 Smoke SFX
11:43 Vehicle Explosion
12:00 Outro

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Hell Let Loose Update - Update 12 Comparisons - Hell Let Loose

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  1. I actually prefer the gray Panzers and old Tiger camo. I understand the update gave them functionally better camoflauge, but i don't like that they all look so similar now.
    Artillery change is nuts though. Fantastic work on that. Was already one of the best parts of the game's amazing soundscape, and it just got even better.

  2. I think the fire needs work. I saw a vehicle blow up the other day and it looked so fake could make it a lil better. And I think the more blood the better if u get shot u should be soaked in the side/area in blood

  3. AT-Gun reduction in damage from 600 to 350 is absurd. This is a hardcore game, tanks are just as fragile to AT as human bodies are to bullets. That realism shouldn’t be swayed from just to let Tank players have a chance to play. Everything else looks and sounds good!

  4. After seeing the night maps here in this video, it really struck me the lack of dynamic lighting effects in an era when even without raytracing we should be able to see them. AKA where things like fires aren't illuminating their surroundings seemingly at all. I would have loved to see on Foy where some burning tank is just casting a flickering light over the town square and reflecting off the snow and the brick, bathing them in firelight. Or on, say, Hurtgen those burning trees actually illuminating the surrounding trees. Pretty confident this is something that could be implemented in engine, without any super fancy effects.

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