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Today, let’s Canadian Orange Historical Site learn about MAJOR Progress at Camp Morgan, Clearing, Stumping, Logging, and Excavating in today’s post!

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Working at Camp Morgan with a rented Kubota KX057-5 Excavator

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We live in Western Pa. and Have around 100 Acres of Land, About 1/2 is ours the rest is my moms, We have 4 kids and two grandchildren, 3 Golden Retrievers and one Cat. We enjoy working on our property and making improvements. We sell firewood and soon will be selling hardwood lumber.

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Hellofresh Login Page - MAJOR Progress at Camp Morgan, Clearing, Stumping, Logging, and Excavating

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  1. Well I am watching all your videos in reverse. Been dealing with life for a few months. Now I’m back, retired and got quite a bit of time. Those trees don’t look as tall as your house has. But still a ton of wood. Looking like a great place to hunt from the ground. Love it.

  2. Some heavy duty work there Mike. Just an observation and recommendation. Looked like you were a one man band out there in the wilderness. I know you know your way around wood, trees and equipment but you appear to be there by yourself. What's your contingency plan if you get personally hung up in something unexpected?

  3. First off, my husband and I enjoy your videos very much. Another youtube channel we recently started watching (Sampson Boat Co..) follows the rebuilding of a sailboat built in 1910. Very enjoyable. The one we watched last night was from 4 years ago. It is titled "Milling Live Oak in Deep South". We both thought of you right away and think you might find it interesting. Amazing wood and wait until you see the saw that fellow built. Hope you will have time to check it out. Our best to you and all of your family.

  4. Don't know if you and Mel are into real log cabins but if so you have the trees to do it…large white pines. I bet you could find a log home builder nearby that would mill those giants into whatever profile you like – d-logs, dovetails, etc.

  5. A friend wanted to buy some hunting property in Indiana and he found a beautiful piece but the price seemed ridiculous, so when he questioned the owner about it, he was told that the owner was adding the lumber value that was on the property to the price. He didn't buy it

  6. Those pines have a lot of limbs to cut.
    3 logs nice. What's the diam.?
    Making quick work of the road.
    While cutting trees, do you check in with Melissa from time to time to let someone know everything is ok? So if anything happens… Just good to have a plan. I know your pretty safety conscious Mike.

  7. hi Mike Mellisa Hunter,do you have any connection with a Morgantown in wv, seen on the Google map,I got vertigo goin soon to some therapy its a scary feeling good video like the Morgan camp maybe I'll come see one day,later mike.make the roads entrance with curves and turns makes it more interesting.

  8. Maybe you could consider putting in temporary storage for the excavator and skid steer at this site and then have both machines brought down and get into to what needs to be done for a few weeks with the heavy machinery, then take the machines taken back home.

  9. Mike I rarely scroll through comments so I don’t know how often it gets mentioned, but Roanoke River is such an amazing song, as are the others by Ghosts of Liberty. Heard them for the first time on one of your videos and had to look them up. So good, which I’m sure you must agree with since they show up regularly in your videos. Great video otherwise too of course. Loving watching the property take shape.

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